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  1. I've got to try that when my Montmartre arrives... mixing Vertes and Blanches... sounds intriguing.
  2. Good to have you on board. One of the great things about this board (and others like it) is that more and more potential absintheurs are bypassing the baptism of fire that is Czech Absinth. Part of me thinks it's an old school right of passage, but when I think about the nights spent wincing and gagging while my money went down the toilet on stuff that tasted like it came out of the toilet, well, I'm glad to see the end of that generation. Have a glass for me
  3. Whilst I'm not going to say that I'm sufferening from Absinthism, I am finding more and more that it's difficult to go for a day or so without an Absinthe fix. It's not alcoholism, because I've got plenty of other bottles of booze that don't interest me. But I am curious to know how much absinthe people drink, and how many 'Absinthe Free' nights a week you might have. Personally it's... Absinthe Free nights per week: 2-3 Absinthe consumed per week: Aprox 25cl Is this too much? Am I worrying over nothing? Is it actually possible to get a dependancy on absinthe? Do I just like it a lot? How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? Like I said, I'm sure this has been covered before, but I know I've got an addictive personality and I just wanted to get an idea of what is "normal" (fuck, I hate that word).
  4. Awesome! Love to read it... mais mon francias est tres mauvais... :(
  5. I can personally vouch for that. But it ain't what it used to be. When you meet a girl with black eyeliner, black lipstick, black lace dress and Doc Martin boots and she asks you a question like "Who are The Sisters of Mercy?" then you know something is wrong with the world. And Re: Dita... remember, that's Marilyn Manson's wife you're perving on there... :P
  6. I've brought A bottle of Johnny Walker Blue into a restaurant. No one seemed to mind. Course, we did run up a $1000 tab between four of us, so they probably would have let us bring homebrewed moonshine in an empty jam jar if we'd asked.
  7. I'm an ebay trawler, like a lot of people, and I'm used to things like shot glasses being filled with green liquid and marketed as "absinthe glasses". I'm even used to things like "Absinthe Earings" ... whatever the hell they're supposed to be. This one, however, caught me by surprise. All I can say is... WTF?
  8. Awww, shucks guys. You sure do know how to make a fella feel wanted.
  9. Worst Ever is a tough call. I've had some pretty nasty absinthe (or absinth as is usually the case). The list would have to be: Stromu - Hard to avoid in australia (did a review for feeverte... nasty stuff) Pere Kernan - What the hell is this stuff supposed to be, battery acid? Absinth King of Spirits - It has "100mg/L of Thujone" on the label, that's all you need to know. ...and the grandaddy of all crappy absinthe: Hill's! The orginal and still the worst. It really is as bad as everyone says it is.
  10. It depends where it's coming from and going to. For me, it's Europe to Australia, and you pretty much get charged per kg, so the bulk savings ain't much. The trap is to add bottles you wouldn't have otherwise bought in order to get the shipping cost percentage down. You might save 20 Euros in shipping by ordering four bottles, rather than three and then one, but if you were never going to buy the fourth bottle at all, then you're not actually saving anything. That being said, I will always throw in a random bottle of something with my order, so maybe I should stop giving advice that I'm not willing to take myself. If you really want to find out, ask the vendor. Or, if you want mathematical proof, just fill your shopping cart with one bottle, go to the checkout to see the shipping cost, then go back and change the quanitity to 2 bottles and go to the checkout again... and so on. Jot all the prices down, get a calculator and see what turns up.
  11. Currently going through a bottle of Kübler 53... very tasty. It's not the greatest drop in the world, it's very addictive; I can't seem to stop drinking it. At this rate, the bottle will be empty in a week. Thankfully it's only a half-bottle. Shouldn't matter anyway, I've got some Clandestine and Blanchette on the way.
  12. Holy Wormwood, Batman! Not only are people actually reading this post, but they're responding asking for more information. I'm sorry, but it's just never happened to me before. It's nice. It's also nice to be posting on a board where people talk in complete sentences. :P The long and short of me is that my name is Tristan. I'm a twenty-five year old London-born, European/Australian-raised unmarried filmmaker, working predominantly as a visual effects artist and cinematographer. I live in Melbourne, Australia where I run a production company with two friends of mine. I'm also a member of a small music project as a keyboardist and vocalist, an occasional writer for a few magazines and websites (mostly film/music related), and an installation artist (soon to be branching into online work). In addition to this, I'm currently writing a dissertation on chaos and complexity theory, with particular regards to modern art-movements and related technological advancements, such as Television and the internet. And I love the muppets. Any questions, praises, advice or insults will be answered, appreciated, taken on board and elegantly counter-insulted respectively.