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  1. Who in the name of Jeebers would want to hack Fee Verte? I mean, seriously. I understand the desire to hack the FBI or Microsoft, but FV? It's the cybercrime equivalent of breaking into a scout hall.
  2. One night, when I was very busy and tired, I was getting into a bottle of something (VdF, I think), and grabbed a glass that I had poured, but had forgotten to add water. I realised about half a second in, but my body was already committed to the movement. To quote ralph wiggum, "It tastes like burning." It must have been pretty funny to watch.
  3. Don't have a citation for this, so flame away if I am wrong, but as I understand it, the EU laws have a 10 mg/L limit on drinks and 35 mg/L limit on anything classified as Amer or "bitters". Some absinthes which have gone over the 10 mg/L limit label themselves as Amer, such as the Blanchette. It's been discussed here before. If you hunt around, you should be able to find the exact wording of the law (or at least a link to it).
  4. This has almost certainly been posted before, but it's so good, it deserves to be posted twice. Absinth X's College Campaign If there's an award for most retarded website, (and I'm sure there is), this one would be pretty hard to beat. It just keeps getting better and better.
  5. The best extraction method I know involves a corkscrew, some pontarlier glasses, ice water and not having to work the following morning.
  6. Mmmm... People flavoured liquors. 'We put the Abs back into Absinthe!"
  7. I'm in love with Lavender. It makes great tea, and is wonderful in martinis and absintinis. 2 parts Lavender infused gin, a dash of absinthe (more on the bitter side ie Lemercier Amer) and finished with a lychee... mmmmm. Other great things you can make with lavender include Roast Lamb or pork with Lavender, or if you've got access to it, Kangaroo fillet with Lavender is incredible. You can also make (and in some places even buy) Lavender Honey and Jam, Lavender muffins, Lavender Shortbread and Lavender Sorbet, which is really yummy. Most of the recipes I use I found on the web, but there are lavender cook books around. As for buying it, I would just grow it. Lavender will grow pretty well without your help so as long as you have access to dirt you can more or less be guaranteed of a continual supply of clean, fresh, organic and most importantly free lavender. In my neighborhood, it's actually considered somewhat of a weed. Remember, Lavender is a sedative, so much so that old lavender farms used to have problems with workers falling asleep on the job. So don't operate heavy machinery.
  8. Telekenesis? And just how much absinthe must one imbibe in order to attain these powers? Conicidentally, in Roald Dahl's Matilda, a book about a young girl with telekenetic powers, the protagonist's surname is 'Wormwood'.
  9. Note sure if it's the same everywhere, but in Australia, you can bring 2.25L of alcohol with you without having to declare it (if bought using duty-free concession). Airline Companies have rules about how much alcohol you can bring on a plane too. But if you're taking into the states, it's still contraband, so I think that means the maximum you can bring in is however much you can sneak past customs without them noticing.
  10. The comparison to wine was interesting, but how does it compare with other spirits? I'm specifically thinking things like Scotch and Cognac, spirits that you normally drink straight.
  11. I've read in a few similar threads that shipping to Australia is risky and unreliable. Personally, I've never had this problem. Everything I've ordered has always turned up on time and intact. I've used LdF, Markus, Phil the Frenchman and once Alandia, and I don't have anything negative to say about any of them. I would definately recommend all of them, LdF is lightning fast as is Markus, and both responded to all my queries within 24hrs (which is pretty good turn around considering the time zone difference). For anyone in Australia I would recommend the above-mentioned, especially those who have a 100% not-received replacement policy. I'm not going to pay out on vendors I haven't used, but I did look up Absinth24, and decided to use someone else.
  12. Can I use bad grammar if I promise to talk like Yoda?
  13. Although, in our case, Queenslanders actually want to be considered Australians.