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  1. I do agree. Some of the articles fell a little short, others were pretty insightful (Oaxaca). I'm confident going forward the depth of the articles will be more consistent. As far as the "trendoid scenester attitude" and understanding her target audience I'm guessing there will always be a "trendster" feel to it. As long as that doesn't trump the quality of the articles and overall content I'm ok with it. I know what you mean though.
  2. Sure thing Hiram, no problem. I already put in a good word for you. I told her.... "Hey Karen. King Shit of Fuck Mountain has spoken. You've heard of EF Hutton right? When EF Hutton talks people listen. When Hiram talks people drop a load in their pants first, and then listen. To disregard the words of our leader is to disrespect the society. We are not a violent lot but our relentless quest to propagate the truth shall not be denied. Don't be the fool, don't jeopardize your dreams. You've been forewarned, submission is the only true path. Disobedience will not be tolerated. We are everywhere and will track you down. To ignore the master's demands is to abandon your hopes." Something like that anyway. Is that cool? Great!! I was just looking through the threads and trying to nail down the next northwestern event. Are these usually in Seattle? Sorry about the above comment, that man is gone now. I may need to be censored...or put in a straight jacket.
  3. Wow...I was totally surprised to see a thread on "Imbibe" magazine. Karen and her husband Bo are really good friends of ours (we even live in the same neighborhood). My wife worked with Karen at "Fresh Cup" magazine and contributed to the premier issue of "Imbibe". I had a little hand in it myself, I was one of the guest judges for the American Pale Ale taste off. Here's another article on Karen from the Portland Tribune if you are interested: http://www.portlandtribune.com/archview.cgi?id=35129 She's going to be so stoked to hear that the word is getting around. I've already suggested doing a cover story on "our friend" and she told me it is on her radar. Karen would be absolutely delighted to hear from you guys and is very open to suggestions, input, etc. Karen is an awesome person and extremely dedicated to "Imbibe". She's had this vision for a few years now and I really respect her for taking a big risk like this to do something she really believes in. Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy the magazine and if you find it rewarding please subscribe. This venture of hers is going to be a real challenge, but the more exposure the better chance she will succeed. While I'm at it I will continue to shamelessly plug away. Her husband Bo is equally awesome and a real slick craftsman. He has some really great stuff if you're interested. I've seen the "lux bar" and it's damn wicked. http://made-studio.com/ Cheers to the success of Imbibe!! -Dave Oh and if you haven't already guessed there is no relation to "Chow and Dwell".
  4. I'm sure this could generate a lot of interesting responses, but in all honesty I was just wondering if an ounce of absinthe would measure up to say an ounce of vodka with regard to nutritional information. I know some of the bad stuff they add sugar and what not, but the real stuff? Per ounce vodka has roughly 70 calories, no fat, no carbs. I was wondering if there were any natural sugars imparted during the distilling process in the absinthe we drink, take for example Kübler 53 or Clandestine Le Bleu? I apologize for a super lame post, I'll make it up. Please don't ban me. :( Thx!!
  5. First off, let me say, I've been effing dying to post on this thread. My first bounty just arrived. I cracked open the Clandestine 53 La Bleue, 3 glasses down the hatch. Extremely pleased with my selection. At his point I'm feeling pretty happy. I'm floored by how much the aroma opens up with addition of water. I move on and crack open the Kübler 53....damn. Outstanding. This is where I'm having a hard time. To my palate the Kübler is more of a full body taste, every ingredient seems in harmony. The Clandestine 53 was quite good, but the Kübler is really lighting my shit on fire right now. And the bacon is delicious too. I may go for the trifecta, crack the Eichelberger 68 Verte? I'll effing do it, I'm not afraid. Cheers!! Wouldn't have been as nearly successful on this adventure without all the great input. Cheers Cheers!!
  6. I placed my virgin order with Ldf on Saturday. It just arrived today (Portland, OR). Wow... now that was fast!! Everything was packed tight, bottles unharmed. 1 Clandestine le bleu 1 Kübler 53 1 Eichelberger 68 Verte So I have the goods, but no glasses. I'm thinking about hitting Cost Plus after work, from what I've read I should be able to find something that will work for me. Thanks again!
  7. My very first order (ahhhhh....): Clandestine 53 La Bleue Kübler 53 Eichelberger 68 Verte Can't wait guys, thanks for all your help. Now I just need glasses, spoons, and a fountain.
  8. FYI...looks like Clandestine 53 La Bleue is back in stock at Ldf. I had just checked a few hours ago and they were out.
  9. GREAT info guys...thanks again! I can't quite bring myself to offer up a bottle :( but I will glady welcome you to my home if you ever find yourself in Portland, OR .
  10. Thanks, I should have looked closer at the Ldf shipping terms. Wow...what a substantial price difference! As much as I want it (Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!), there's no way I'm paying that much more. I could purchase another bottle with the difference.
  11. Hey guys...educate me if you will. I was ready to place my virgin order last night through Ldf (Clandestine 53 La Bleue and Kübler 53). Unfortunately the Clandestine is out of stock. So I wondered over to absinthe-distribution (Markus right?) and was happy to see they had them both in stock. However they charge roughly $11 USD more per bottle vs Ldf. And then the shipping had me confused. Ldf offers the courier service for $30 USD. Markus offers "Economy" shipping for the same price (not courier?) and then he's got "Courier" for a whopping $74 USD. So what am I missing here? I know through Markus this "Courier" includes guaranteed delivery, tracking, and refund in case of seizure. I'm assuming the Ldf "Courier" doesn't offer the refund in case of seizure. I'm anxious to buy of course, but can wait if it means I'm saving $11USD/per plus the shipping difference. Thanks in advance for your time. Oh and if this has been discussed in another thread forgive me, I must have missed it. -dave
  12. Definitely! I've heard there's a few of us running around Portland.
  13. Well Hiram I had to try it, don't know till you do! I took mine with sugar last night for the first time, albeit a small cube. I did enjoy the subtle sweetness from the cube, but it may just be the NO which seems to hit me up front with the anise more than I'd like. I'm "normal". Never thought I'd be saying that.
  14. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me!