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  1. What a great recipe! I *must* try it! - Johanna
  2. Enlighten the neophyte, please? (I've tried, hrm, maybe eight absinthes, and priced out fewer than that, which means I've a ways to go! ) - Johanna
  3. I wish my bank account could allow me to acquire a taste for the nicer stuff, but with an unemployed hubby... *grin/sigh* - JM
  4. I'll probably get burned at the stake for this one, but I rather like La Fee. It's on my list to keep in the pantry (once I have the dosh, sigh) as my "cheap and cheerful" absinthe. Sure, it's a bit of a licorice bomb and I wish they could have resisted the urge to dye it reanimator green, but I've enjoyed it the several times I've tasted it. Meanwhile, at the other end of things, I'll be trying Jade NO and Eduoarde this weekend. *excitedhappybounce* - Johanna
  5. I've got a bottle of the Eduoard that's probably from the same time-period as yours (I'll take a look at the label tonight, but I ordered it about a month ago, as soon as LdF restocked), but I won't be opening it until July. I'll endeavor to remember to make a post about it then, as it might be interesting to see how my impressions compare to yours after it's been sitting for a bit - in flavor, at least, if not color and louche. - Johanna
  6. To belatedly add on to Bill's review: I had a pretty good time at the get-together, especially as they were *much* tougher about the dress-code this time - it meant the place was merely "pleasantly crowded" by the time I left shortly before midnight, rather than "Packed out to hell and gone" and the firmly-held "no denim!" rule kept the flaming fratboys out. As I've mentioned before, I like the locale - Bill did a lovely job describing it. I was a bit torqued about the changes in the offerings from the first time I attended the event. The selection was smaller, the prices higher (to compensate for keeping the FFs out, I guess) and, oh yeah, did they push the Tabu. At one point, Paul (the host) handed me a glass of some sort of Tabu thing (no anise?) upon hearing my remark that I wouldn't wash my socks in Tabu. I just had to give the stuff a chance, he said. Fine, fine, I'm being on keeping an open mind and it wasn't like I paid for it, so I tried this new stuff and... er. Yuk. I don't know what it was, but it wasn't absinthe. It tasted Just. Like. Marzipan. I like marzipan, mind you. But it's not very good at impersonating absinthe. Anyways, in the end, I tried Clandestine La Blue (sp) for the first time and ohmigodloved it, and otherwise stuck to my affordable faves for the evening (Pernod, La Fee - yeah, yeah, poke fun at me later) because I was on a budget and couldn't afford to knock back Jade all night - although I did a bit of cadging here and there from pals who didn't mind sharing. I agree with Bill re: ohmigodtiny portions, and the "power louching". After my first drink, I just took to snatching the glass away from the bartender and assuring them that I could see myself to the fountain, thankyerverymuch. One bartender looked so hurt when I snapped at him to not set my sugar on fire that I felt beholden to leave a decent tip. I'm such a softie. The next event's in mid-July, should any other N. CA types feel like checking it out. If there were enough seasoned absintheurs there, we could get a lot done, preaching The Green Word. - Johanna
  7. I dug my heels in against a new Dr. Who. I was convinced that the Beeb would screw it up (I was scarred by the Fox telemovie) and it would stink, and that I would then have to get my Dr. Who tattoo removed and, and... I was pessimistic, to say the least. Last Xmas, a friend of mine gave me the boxed set of Season 27 (as us stubborn old-schoolers are calling it) and told me to shut up and give the show a chance, dammit. 20 hours later, I picked my jaw up off the floor and issued a mass apology to everyone I'd bitched to. The new show is different, there's no denying it, but it's also GOOD - and true to the spirit of the original in lots of ways. Now I have to deal with all the "OMG, Nine is my one-true-Doctor" fans who can't accept David Tennant as the 10th Doctor. Oh boy, does this bring back memories of the gnashing of teeth that occured when Four (Tom Baker) left the show... Talk about the more things change, the more they stay the same... *looks around* Oh, hell. Did I go off on a tangent? Again? Sorry! - Johanna
  8. Just about the only time I regret being where I am is when I want to watch stuff on the telly in Britain... Thank heavens for torrents. If I didn't get my Dr. Who fix every week, I'd just shrivel up... - Johanna
  9. Cool beans. Look for the loudmouthed bespectacled Brit in a full-length cheongsam dress. There shouldn't be too many of us there. I'll be there pretty early, as I plan to leave early - guess who promised her Anglophile friends she'd watch the FA cup with them at seven-freaking-AM on Saturday morning? *wince* At lleast we'll be at the pub, I can have mimosas. As for setting the host on fire, don't tempt me. I've had a long week. - Johanna
  10. I'm more of a Gibson girl by inclination, myself (except for those damfool high necklines!) but I'm learning to like the 19th century more and more, particularly natural form in the 1870s. I used to be a strictly Tudor kinda gal, with flashes of mod but my tastes are broadening. - Johanna
  11. I don't think I can fit my camera into my going-out purse (one is rather large, the other isn't) but I'll see what I can do... Photographing the UV-plushie room might be worth the effort, alone. - Johanna
  12. I'm hoping that all the "sponsorship" means is a subsidized price for Tabu (like I care about that) and a preponderance of stoopid branded giveaway items. If anyone's morbidly curious, I'll post a review of Friday's event over the weekend. - Johanna
  13. That's a great site - I've heard some good things about the goods they have on offer. I've collected a few links for costumers, including retailers of repro and genuine vintage items, sewing patterns, etc. If anyone's curious, the list is here I'm working on a mid 19th-century style dress for an upcoming convention, and I'll probably have pix to share after said con, although it's not the sort of dress I'd usually make for myself... (I'm cosplaying something very silly) Otherwise, I'm holding off all my late 19th/early 20th century sewing until the end of the summer when I start gearing up for the local Dicken's Fair. But then, hoo-boy, I'm going to be busy. Ruffles and ruching and fiddly bits of fringe up to my eyeballs... - Johanna
  14. Standing in green robes and chanting? Have you been eavesdropping on my social calendar? :P As I want to get my hand on some blanches, I probably will be going to the next event, but I'm intending to proseltyze at anyone who'll hold still for it - including the event's organizer. Like any club, the morons are easily identified - for good or ill. For what it's worth, I didn't see anyone setting Jade on fire last time. The setup clusters the crapsinthes at one bar, the mid-range stuff at another, and the Jades/high-end brands at a third. The crapsinthe bar is labeled "The Ritual Bar" and is the designated spot for setting things on fire - methinks they want to limit the use of open flame around so much booze, which shows at least a little caution. In theory, the flaming fratboys are all kept in one, highly visible, place. Fine by me! - Johanna
  15. *siiiiigh* I'm done (half-heartedly) defending this event. Being "sponsored" by Tabu is the final straw. *sighs again* - Johanna
  16. I'd have to ask the Keeper O'Lore if I'm remembering this correctly, but I believe the Clan Patriarch attended a friend's memorial in his Hawaiian-print kilt. Not quite the same as an aloha shirt to a funeral home, but I think it's comparable. :-D My question is, were you attending a service at said funeral home when you wore the aloha shirt, or were you present for other reasons? - Johanna
  17. San Francisco. It ain't Mos Eisley but, like I said, the SFPD make's Chicago cops look like choirboys. Well, maybe it ain't THAT bad, but you get the gist. And yeah, there was flaming Tabu going on. The fire's very pretty and all, but a combustible is about all I'd use that stuff for. The chap imbibing the stuff looked a bit torqued when I rather snappishly commented that I wouldn't wash my socks in the stuff - tact seems to be the first thing I lose when imbibing. Oops! - Johanna
  18. [/i]*grins* Don't go to BayCon then, you'll hate the costume I'm working on... re: Paul getting busted, I don't know. I got the rather strong vibe off him when I mentioned that possibility that he's paid off the right people and isn't too worried about it. The locale moves around, too, so that doesn't hurt much, although it's not nearly as kewl and speak-easy-ish as Paul likes to believe, methinks. I admit that, as a non-citizen, I was a bit hesitant about attending the event in case it *did* get busted, but my curiosity bump overcame the worry. Next time, maybe not, as I tasted most of the brands I wanted to try on that one venture. And as for offering a 10:1 paint-thinner/decent brand ratio, I agree that it's unfortunate but see "out to make a buck", previously. The guy's not out to *educate* people, otherwise I would have cornered him about the craptastic website and the information offered therein. And, I know, I know, that doesn't excuse the behavior, it just explains it. - Johanna
  19. I attended that event mentioned above when it happened a month ago. Now, before y'all stone me to death, let me say a few things: The organizer, Paul, is a nice, well-meaning chap who is, indeed, operating on bad information. I'd happily point out the goofs to him, but I don't think he cares. After all, his protestations to the contrary, he IS out to make a buck. If that means pushing moronic information to people who don't know better, he's not going to lie awake at night agonizing about it. That said, the event was pretty nice. The venue is a v. interesting space (a big ol' rambling apartment that has been converted for public use, with a rather nice roof patio) and the notion of offering different absinthes at different bars meant that the flaming fratboys (of which they were remarkably few, but I left around midnight, maybe they came later) were all over THERE, whereas I was over by the better stuff, happily jabbering about Jade and such with old friends. The cover wasn't nearly so agonizing if you bought way in advance. I'm used to paying $10/$15 to go dancing, and then paying $5 - $8 for a drink. It's San Francisco, for heaven's sake. $5 for a shot of Verte de Fougerolles? *shrug* fine by me, as it's that or buy an entire bottle (I'm the only person I know in my social circle who bothers to organize drinkups, so that means I'm buying the stuff usually, too). As for getting busted/legal troubles... Sin's had 2 or 3 of these events without any trouble from the authorities - but everyone knows that SF cops make Chicago's look like choirboys. Personally, I enjoyed the event as I did some research beforehand to determine what brands I wanted to try, I went with a couple of absinthe-savvy friends, and avoided the flaming Tabu like the plague. It's certainly not an event for the seasoned absintheur with half a dozen bottles in their pantry, a clear idea of what they'll like and lots of friends like themselves, but for largely-solo neophytes such as myself, I found it an enjoyable and useful evening. Now, in regards to those poor schmucks who just saw the web page and thought "Absinthe! Kewl! I'm gonna trip bawlz, yo." *shrugs* I can only hope that time will bring wisdom - or that they get cornered by prosletyzing attendees who are willing to share information and gently point out the error of their ways. *jumps down off soapbox* - Johanna
  20. I don't suppose you've heard of Clan MacDude, greenimp? (It's a little known fact that the Scottish introduced surfing to Polynesia. No, really....) I mention 'em because the clan tartan is the ugliest Hawaiian print you can lay your hand on.... The MacDudes used to have a beach party every March, because Santa Cruz in March was comparable to July in Scotland... Fizzball would be played (something involving canned beer and axehandles, near as I could figure), potato guns would be fired and all sorts of other things that involved moderate-to-heavy drinking would occur. Meanwhile, back on the topic of the forum in general, my bottles of Nouvelle Orleans and Eduoard arrived today, hooray! Now I've got to hide them from myself until the drinkup in July *bites knuckle*. Good thing I've got a pal (hopefully) bringing me an interim supply from the UK or else I'd have some 'splainin to do, methinks... - Johanna
  21. Welcome, Pan! (I have a friend on the east coast who breeds Briards - lovable beasts, ain't they?) - Johanna
  22. Don't get me wrong. The 10% of telly that I like, I *really* like. I just hate having to through the ruddy Easter Egg hunt for the good stuff. :-D - Johanna
  23. I'd watch more TV if it wasn't for the advertising. Manic capitalism makes me break out in hives. And that 90% of it - programming, I mean - is crud. My one legacy of attending film school: I've become terribly picky about what I'll sit through... But try to take away my DVD player, and there's going to be a fight. - Johanna