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  1. No such luck, Ari, this is my first drink of the night. As I mentioned in the OP, my toy light is very low powered *and* pumps out a lot of visible light. Your photo backs up my initial thought that the glass was merely lit up by visible light, and not reacting to UV. *grin/shrug* it's still sorta pretty to look at, though. - Johanna
  2. I just tried the Ptite and I must admit, I liked it more than expected. Granted, this is my first blanche, so I had no idea what to expect. Straight up, I found the aroma very sharp, quite medicinal and that worried me a bit, as I've been (slowly) sipping on L'Artisanale for the past few weeks and that has a much softer nose.... However, once I poured the water - and that was a surprisingly pretty louche, I thought - the aromas softened to the point of where there was a positively delicious sweet and creamy note to the aroma. Sort of vanilla-and-cream, if you will. I really liked that, and so a bunch of my reservations immediately evaporated. I agree with the notion that this is a 'light and summery' absinthe. I might be taken out and shot for this, but the mouthfeel reminded me of the (one) pastis I've tried. That rich creamy note is more in the nose than on the tongue, but it was certainly richer than I expected, if nothing spectacularly robust. The anise is strong, but not overpowering, nor is there much in the way of lingering bitterness (then again, I'm starting to suspect I have a higher tolerance for bitterness than most. I drink most of my absinthe unsugared) and the lingering vapors are quite pleasant. The overall flavor is initially simplistic, but once I gave it some time to roll around on my tongue a bit, there was more than just the initial anise/fennel rush going on. Unfortunately, I lack the language to describe it adequately. (Meanwhile, my Siamese cat is going insane around my glass. It seems he likes garlic, olive oil and absinthe. Holy cow, I have a bohemian cat!) Overall, I agree with the member who said something about this absinthe being a pretty blonde in a sun dress (as opposed to the domineering brunette in a leather miniskirt, I guess). I'll gladly keep drinking this when I want a 'lighter' absinthe. - Johanna
  3. Is absinthe UV (black light) reactive? I was just mucking about with a very low powered UV light (alright, alright, it was my new-Who sonic screwdriver. Gimme a break) and with one thing and another, I got to thinking that if such things like tonic water could be UV reactive, maybe absinthe...? So I turned off the lights and wielded my (sadly underpowered, and with lots of visible light to go with it) UV source at my glass of Ptite (surprisingly drinkable, I'll add my two cents to the review thread, shortly) and got a rather neat picture... Granted, it was a lot bluer than that, but my camera is a fairly early generation digital and it was doing the best it could in a very dark room. The tiny little UV lamp pumped out a lot of visible light too, as the cheap sources will, so I'm not willing to rule out that that did a lot to light up the absinthe. So I'm wondering if anyone's got a better fixture out there willing to do a test. For, y'know, science or something. More to the point, I'm throwing a little blacklight cocktail soiree in May and I'm on the lookout for interesting UV reactive drinks. There's only so many things I can do with tonic-water and Red Bull. If absinthe is UV reactive, then I know what I'll be having all night! So, am I the only whacko interested in this topic, or have I piqued some interest? - Johanna
  4. Y'know, I couldn't help thinking that whoever made that gets points for originality, but looking at the photo, the seller may claiim it's stainless steel, but that yellowish tinge to it makes me think I wouldn't want to put it in my drink... But yeah, definitely a bit tricky to use that one, too. What? It's 6PM, I'm at home and I've some L'Artisanale left in the bottle? Pray, excuse me, chaps... - Johanna (who has been craving absinthe all frackin' day...)
  5. "absinthe spoon" on ebay. I want to know how the heck that's supposed to rest across a person's glass... This isn't much better... *gibber* - Johanna
  6. *blink*blink*blink* Wow. That's just... wow. *shakes head* Such a pretty flame, though, one must admit that. But using it as a firelighter is probably the best thing for it, yes. I've got mouthwash that exact same shade of green... - Johanna
  7. Having found this recipe and being a lover chocolate and candymaking, I must give it a go. This weekend, if possible (I need an incentive to clean my kitchen!). I wonder, will the brand of ginger preserves make that much difference? All I've got in my pantry is Robinson's ginger jam... - Johanna PS - brilliant idea on using the ice cream scoop for coating. I was thinking I'd have to resort to truffle molds...
  8. But two and a half weeks ago, I rather impulsively made an order to LdF, in order to have some absinthe available at an event I was attending in Los Angeles, last weekend (I live about 300 miles north). Long story short, the lovely chaps at LdF assure me that the flying monkeys can manage it, I give them my hotel address and off I toddle. Alas, no flying monkeys work at the LAX Marriot as, although the package was apparently delivered in very good time for the event, it bloody sat behind the front desk for two days, before anyone thought to look there for it - I had them tearing apart the mail room, as that's where it was supposed to await pickup and, oh boy, did the desk staff apologize for that because the party was Friday, and the package was found on Sunday. Anyways... So, I round up my trusted pals who had been looking forward to trying the Jade 1901 with me (Yes, I spoil myself) and I open up the box to find... the wrong order. Cue: gnashing of teeth and rending of garments. Not only was it the wrong order, but it was something I wasn't even terribly interested in trying - not at first glance, anyways. (Doubs and La Ptite. That mouthwash green color of Doubs really threw me) Once I returned from the event, I dropped the chaps at LdF a line and - and this is the whole point of my post - they handled everything as well as I could have hoped. The correct order is on its way to me as I type this (I rather hope to have it by the weekend!) and, as it would cost them more to retrieve the mis-sent order than it's actually worth (not a surprise, really) I've added those bottles to my pantry with their compliments. I must admit that, upon reading the reviews, I'm more willing to try the Ptite (first blanche, woot!) although the Doubs will be encountered with extreme caution and might be put up to offer to friends who aren't quite ready for my Jade stash - yes, yes, I'm going to get some Duplais Balance as soon as the bank account allows, and then I'll put that on offer to the noobs. I just want to make a point that this has NOT put me off ordering from LdF and I still cheerfully recommend them to my local pals looking to become acquainted with the green fairy. Ian et al were very polite and patient throughout - even when I sent them a rather snippy letter when I thought the courier had let me down (not the hotel) - and the fact that they didn't bristle at said snippiness does 'em credit. - Johanna
  9. All this talk of keeping a crappy absinthe on hand to provide a contrast to folks makes me (almost) wish I had some for the weekend. I'm going for the second stripe on my Absinthe Proselytizing merit badge and will (hopefully, please oh please, flying monkeys don't let me down) have a half liter of PF1901 to offer to some folks at an upcoming sci-fi convention, tomorrow night. Last time around, I was inadvertantly helped by a party three doors down having some truly vile stuff on offer (trauma has blocked the name of it from my memory. All I can remember is that it tasted like mouthwash. Really.) and I was deeply tickled to hear many mutterings of "Not nearly as nice as that stuff at the other place..." - ie, where I'd been offering Eduoard to all and sundry. But I doubt I can count on such timely intervention, twice. Curses! I don't suppose anyone in the vicinity of Los Angeles International Airport has a couple of drachms of KoS they want to donate to a worthy cause... - Johanna
  10. BdF? You've lost me with that abbreviation. <- is short on memory cells at the best of times. - Johanna
  11. Y'know, that's what I wrote down in my journal that night but 1) it was a drink I accepted from someone else, so maybe I got the wrong information and 2) it was already pretty late in the evening by that point... - Johanna
  12. Yep, that's it. BillTurkey posted an accurate review of the event in another thread. I had no idea they got busted. So very NOT surprised, though. I won't miss the crappy marketing, but I'll miss the ease-of-access to a variety of absinthes. If a person was patient, you could find the decent brands, behind the crapola... - Johanna
  13. I'll dig up the thread for you later (I's sneaking onto the 'net at work) but it was discussed elsewhere in the forum. It's an "Oooh, aren't we daring?" bar/nightclub event in San Francisco, that happens (or happened, they seem to be offline at the moment) every two months or so. Long story short, pay $10 - $20 cover for access to a place selling admittedly chintzy shots of a couple dozen brands of absinthe for $5 - $10 apiece. So, not a cheap evening, but it was the easiest way for a shlub like me to try a few varieties without paying for an entire bottle. Unfortunately, the event was always dressed up in a rather horrifying mix of faux-bohemian-decadence and porkchoppery - although the cover being $20 at the door and a dress code usually kept the worst of the fratboys out. So, it wasn't an event I exactly admired, but it was useful for me. And now it seems to be gone. *sigh* - Johanna
  14. I will quite cheerfully listen to folks champion their chosen causes, for as long as they care to do so, else I'll never learn anything new. - Johanna
  15. *scurries off to check reviews* EDIT: I should mention that I've had a nigh-morbid curiosity about Montmartre for a while, as I've heard the more recent batches aren't quite so "spicy", so that might be on the list, too - although I'm willing to conceded that the pretty bottle is probably just playing me for a sucker...
  16. Alrighty, my bottle of L'Artisanale is almost empty (*sobs*), the Emile Rouge has taken quite the hammering and I know my husband's got a phat bonus check coming to him this week. Assuming I don't bankrupt us at Gallifrey One (any of you whacky folks heading over to that?) it's time for me to place my next absinthe order. As I'm a perennially broke whatsit (husband's largesse aside) I'm limiting myself to two bottles, but I'd like to try something new. If I don't like it, I can always trade it, I'm sure. So far, I've gone gaga for: L'Artisanale, Jade Eduoard, Jade Verte Suisse. I've been 'Hey, that's pretty darn tasty!' for: Jade NO, Libertine, Trenet 'I'll drink it again if someone else buys': VdF, La Fee Parisian (yes, really), Emile Rouge (I liked it, but not enough to buy another bottle, I think) 'I'll only drink that if it's a condition of the terrorists holding my family': Tabu (yes, I tried it - gotta know what one is condemning), Phillipe Lasala (I don't even know what this IS, but it was given to me at a party and I wrote it down) and the usual crapsinthes of which I have, unfortunately, tried several. *shudder* Admittedly, I let someone else louche the VdF and he might have added a bit more water than I liked, so maybe I sold it short. So, based on that, what might you suggest to a person? Yes, I know, I haven't tried any blanches. *hangs head* I was going to brave another one of the SinFusion "events" to get my hands on a couple for initial tasting, but the host has been dropping all the stuff I want to try off the menu AND raising the cover so, never mind that... I'm being seriously tempted by the Jade 1901, based on the snippets I've seen here and there, but that's as far as I've gotten re: decisions. Advice and all that is, as ever, appreciated. 'Tis why I'm here, after all. - Johanna
  17. I'd like to, but it's a long shot, as a) uncheap and that would mean I'm not attending *any* SF Bay Area gaming cons in '07, and that would mean I'd be dissing my out-of-town pals who I only see at those cons, y'know? If I could land an air ticket for less than $300, though, and a couple of roomies, I'd give it some serious thought, as my hubby's mentioned he wouldn't mind making the trip, too, to visit some of his friends out there from his military days. - Johanna
  18. I just happened to be in a bookstore that was playing some Jacques Brel CD and I was immediately enchanted - which, of course, was the bookseller's intention, given that they had the CD for sale. I'm wondering who I should try next, as I've worked my way through an awful lot of Jacques Brel, Yves Montand, Charles Trenet and Edith Piaf. Not so keen on Piaf, I'll admit, and I tried, I really tried to like her... - Johanna
  19. Coincidentally enough, I've got my "green fairy" playlist going on iTunes at the moment - but it's mostly Charles Trenet, Carla Bruni (gorgeous voice!), and Jacques Brel... - Johanna
  20. Hill's or La Fee Bohemian... Neither of those, although that's a sensible guess. . It was some Czech-ish brand that I totally failed to recognize, and whilst it wasn't quite as GREEN! as La Fee's green goop (which I actually don't mind drinking from time to time) it was definitely an unnatural shade. *sigh*
  21. *chortle* Oh, luv, I'm part of the SF Bay Area poly/kink/SFFen crowd. We don't bother the bureaucrats with our arrangements. - Johanna
  22. Easter Weekend...? I'm not booked. HELL, yeah! As long as I have 60 days' notice to book a flight, I'll be there. I'd love to meet y'all. (and I can't afford the damage deposit on a suite by myself, but if the hotel's willing to split it amongst several credit cards and y'all give me your kidneys for deposit...) - Johanna
  23. That is very useful, thanks! I was agonizing about laying out less cash for a freebie absinthe to folks versus wanting to introduce them to a better brand, and this'll help me figure out my budget. Mind you, as I'll probably include it with the next purchase for my larder (the list for which is getting longer and longer) who knows what the lucky fen at BayCon will be getting! - Johanna
  24. Hmm... Would you consider moving to Texas? That would entirely depend on the area of Texas in question. And my husband. - Johanna
  25. Now I don't feel so bad about occasionally enjoying La Fee Verte. I've been wanting to try Montmartre out of sheer curiosity, but the reviews I've read mentioning "OMG! Cinnamon!" have dampened my enthusiasm a bit, as cinnamon's not one of my favorite things - but perhaps I'll give it a chance, now, if there's a passing resemblance twixt it and the Emile Rouge... - Johanna