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  1. I'm still working on my own blog post re: a meetup with the west-coast marketing rep for LTV which occurred ten days ago, but I'll throw in a quickie 2 cents here. I, too, got a chance to try the reformulation but - long story short - it's still nothing I'd go out of my way to drink. I've more to say, but I'm saving that for a fuller entry when it's not late at night and I'm loopy on fatigue. (And the way said marketing rep winced as I tried - for the third time - the current product and pulled a face like a cat tasting something unpleasant almost made me feel bad for being honest. Almost) I'll post more within a day or so, - Johanna
  2. EDIT: Never mind, it's been sold. Thanks folks! (now to figure out if there's a market for my first-run signed-and-sealed bottle of St. George's absinthe verte...)
  3. Howdy gang! Long story short, I was tidying up my pantry on Saturday night, saw my bottle of L'Artisanale and picked it up fondly, wishing I still had a drachm or two of it left. (Yes, I keep all my old absinthe bottles. Don't you?) Imagine my surprise when said bottle sloshed. I've got approximately 2fl oz left. I'll measure it tonight, but I believe it's at least that much, maybe a little more. EDIT: Sold! Thanks a lot, folks!
  4. Thank God you're helping us educate on Twitter!

  5. Huh. I only installed it a couple of weeks ago, but I"ll check for updates when I get home tonight because, yeah, a memory leak sounds about rigt. Thanks! - Johanna
  6. I use Tweetdeck (and groupings) at home, yes, but it's a hell of a resource hog - and I can't install it on my machine at work. Curse my boss and his insistence I be *somewhat* productive! Looking forward to the top ten list, Brian! - Johanna
  7. And, lo, my ignorance is exposed! *blush* Thanks Alan, I'll join shortly! - Johanna
  8. aww, to heck with it... I've created absinthe_info on twitter. I know, I know, the signal to noise ratio is so high, I might as well spit in a rainstorm for all the good it'll do but I'm a glutton for punishment. If folks would like to take a collective approach, I'll share the p/word with whoever would like to join in the tweeting, just as soon as I've tweaked the email settings so they're not pointing to my personal account any more... (a shame there's no 'team tweeting' setup like there is on blogspot/blogger for collective projects) - Johanna
  9. Gosh, Alan, you found the EXACT guy that set me off. Today. It was someone else, yesterday. And someone else the day before that. Hm. Maybe I'll create an absinthe-specific Twitter ID, rather than making my absinthe tweets amongst all my other ones (same username as here - blatant plug!). I'm hardly an expert, but I'm certainly better off than almost everyone else I've seen proclaiming expertise. Or maybe we could have a shared acct? Folks log in and make tweets/reply to #absinthe tweets as they're found? - Johanna PS - thanks for the kind words, OMGBill!
  10. A thousand apologies if this has been mentioned already - I've been away for quite a while. Am I allowed to (metaphorically) punch in the mouth the next person on Twitter whom I encounter claiming to be an absinthe expert but proves, within two comments (sometimes even less!) to be almost completely ignorant on the subject? Seriously. I've really had enough of those yahoos, now. I've resorted to doing occasional recs and comments but talk about needles and haystacks... Hoping everyone has been well in the meantime. - Johanna
  11. Thanks for the advice, Johnny! As it happens, the Cluebat From Above has whomped me across the noggin, rather forcibly, and I won't be painting it, after all - but I'm definitely saving what you've said for future projects, as I've made a few horrible mistakes in my time... (meanwhile, I reserve the right to cover up the supply company's brand name on the samovar with a colorful sticker or two...) - Johanna
  12. You silly boys. Although you've a point. I tend to wander around in my undies in the summer - the joys of living in California in a house without A/C... (we shall now pause for a moment whilst certain members of this forum giggle like nine year old boys...) As it happens, I've decided to paint it. What the hell. If I don't like it, I'll get busy with the paint-stripper. No worries. - Johanna
  13. Being unemployed, I'm easily amused. I just found the below - I'm guessing it was a samovar and thank god it was apparently never used for coffee - at the thrift store for $4. Whee! Sure, I can't see the ice-water inside but it's a damn sight more portable than my glass "fountain" (a two gallon sun-tea jar) and it's kinda cute in it's way. Aside from those handles. I wish I could remove them but that would make transportation a bit tricky. Maybe I'll replace them... To the hardware store! I'm thinking about spray painting it enamel-white and stenciling it with an art-nouveau-ish stencil I have on hand. Anyone got any tips for prepping supershiny metal? Else I'm just hittin' it with my good ol' grey primer and hoping for the best... - Johanna PS - yes, I'm still alive. Barely.
  14. Blimey! $65/bottle for La Fee? Not the smartest of ideas, given that I can get Lucid for less than that from drinkupny.com If they priced it at, oh, $35/bottle, I might actually keep a bottle in the house, if only to keep oafish party guests away from my Jade stash. Ah well... - Johanna
  15. Y'know, I happened into a bottle of that a few months ago (long story) and I rather liked it - quite light, but still v. aromatic, I thought. But I couldn't bring myself to actually BUY a bottle of it, because of the aforementioned derby. It was just a bit too silly, even for me. - Johanna