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  1. Abaxial, thanks for sending us an email (a reply is in your inbox), we don't always have as much as we would like to browse the forums and so we might never have been aware! As everyone is saying here, unfortunately it is something that does happen from time to time (although fortunately rarely). Fortunately the Jade absinthe inside the bottles will still be in excellent condition. Trying to stay as true as possible to a traditional production and bottling has many advantages, the brittle wax is perhaps one of the more controversial elements. You'd have to ask Ted!
  2. You can also do this without the shoe, against a wooden post or well established tree that won't be damaged, although nowadays I'd be wary of provoking the tree gods. My brother was with some friends and attempted the trick... resulting in a red puddle and shards of glass!
  3. That is a wealth of information! I find it bizarre that you could put horse chestnuts in a drink but not bison grass, they are something I would not have considered edible!
  4. I'm currently working with a Pontarlier distillery on a new soft drink beverage product offering for the US market, called Thujone COLA, with genetically engineered wormwood.
  5. What my twin from another mother said. I thought distilled water wasn't meant to taste very good?
  6. Well, we have a few more very interesting things coming this week so if your curiosity were piqued, you could get them all together and take advantage of the free shipping! *runs and hides*
  7. I know I sound like some terrible thujonist type person, but I'm slightly suspicious of FDA-permitted bison grass vodka, the particular taste can only really come from coumarin as far as I'm aware! Maybe they are just under the radar of the FDA!
  8. I'd try a vodka first. I think Bogumil made the absinthe with only a few herbs deliberately.
  9. Sounds good! Might be one for private enjoyment if you make some Montana Zubrówka, sadly you wouldn't be allowed to sell it on the US market because of the regulations.
  10. Having drunk Zubrsinthe and Zubrówka many times, I still can't find a satisfactory way to explain the flavour!
  11. (Sorry, I wasn't trying to suggest that the discussion was because it was by Bogumil, I have seen the threads on the other Bourbonnaise absinthes here. There is also no discussion of Zubrsinthe over at Fee Verte. I was surprised Phil hadn't mentioned it here. But anyway, none of that has anything to do with the drink itself!) Bison grass is sweet, and I can't quite pin down what the smell makes me think of, it's not vanilla (at least for me) as one of the names suggests: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hierochloe_odorata I'm not sure where you'd Zubrsinthe in France exactly, you're more likely to bump into a bottle of Versinthe to be honest! The green colour is really quite impressive: