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  1. why? dodging bullets n crack whores is an adventure! actually,...if it wasnt for this show,...I wouldnt be in tacoma for any reason either,..theres something about the smell of ass in the air..... I think tacoma should adopt the phrase "got any spare change?" as its city motto. oh wait,...olympia already has that one.
  2. see how you are!? :D thats cool man,I really just put it up here on the off chance someone had nothing better to do that day. are you gonna find a reason to be busy and miss the next event on mar 12th too? :P
  3. Hey Folks, I'm playing a little show saturday in tacoma. It would be cool to see some 'wormwoodies' there. :D if your interested,click this link --> Faces Of Valor or email me for details. yay!!! thanks,and sorry for the shameless self promo
  4. drink one for me,....as soon as I am over this damn flu,I'll drink one for you! in the words of gary the retard.."shoo shoo retarded flu" (if you dont listen to stern,that will make no sense at all,..see what over the counter meds do to ya?)
  5. Classic!!!! quite funny,....at this point I must quote my pal Bugs Bunny once again and say "what a maroon."
  6. Billy Beer! bitches :D yep,...I have a 6 pack stashed. ..... yep,..I'm old. :D I actually DRANK some billy beer,..trust me,keeping a 6 pack stashed,is MUCH better than ever trying to drink any.ever. true swill. I do belive rhinelander was better. (only true hardcore northwesterners will know THAT reference)
  7. I got really drunk in a ballard bar once.
  8. wow! that thing is a trip. of course I'd end up with wine all over me. :D
  9. yeah,...i dunno. like I said,...it was LONG time ago and me feeble brain cant excactly remember what they used it for... I may have to give Ma a call tomorrow and she if she remembers.
  10. I seem to remember my folks having something like that when i was a kid,I belive they used it for wine. I havent seen anything like that in probobly 25 years or more though........interesting.
  11. I'm guessing about 24hrs?????? since the post on the 20th about trying his first real absinthe,now its gone already? dude,....you guzzle too fast. :D
  12. I belive its because its really a modern day marketing thing,more than an actual 'ritual' of the past. think of it,would paris still be standing if all those frenchmen were lighting up their absinthe in the days of serious absinthe imbibing? :D and ...welcome!!!
  13. hmmmm....so,..if you fall into all 3 catagories,...does that mean your schizophrenic?
  14. YayYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Hi andrew! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! welcome here! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm an absintholic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 glasses o jade n I'm special ed. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!