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  1. hehehehehe


    I actually played a few shows with those chumps in the 80's....nice enough guys,but the music was EXTRA cheesy.


    actually the last time I played a show with rail they actually had Ronnie Montrose as their guitar player. it was cool meeting a somewhat legendary guitarist...although he must have needed some crack money to be playing with those guys.


    *shudder*.....ew....sorry I just flashed back to playing clubs in the 80's.....it was a real annoying time to be a heavy guitar player in a cover band.... I did get to see some QUITE funny shit going on in those clubs though.


    I think the best thing about those times,was the fact most women had no problem showing their titties to the band on a near constant basis. ya gotta love that.

  2. My Cd that I have been working on for sometime,is now for sale on the web!

    YAY!!! neato!


    its kinda cool selling music to people in europe that I have never met.

    next week all the songs will be available on itunes and rhapsody,and a couple of other digital distribution sites that I seem to be drawing a blank on at the moment.


    this is cool! :punk:




    theres a link to the cdbaby site in my sig if anyone has any interest...

    shamless self promo,I know,..

    I just think its cool that you can sell music this way without the need for the MAN.

    anyway,....I'll stop now :P