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  1. thanks all! it's been sometime indeed,...work is quite busy,and music is consuming time as well. hope everyone is doing great,perhaps we'll get to raise a glass soon.
  2. yay!!!!!!!! happy b-day!!!
  3. thanks all! since I got this FREE bottle of un emile (I sure as hell wouldnt buy it ) I think,its time for a drink ! YAY!!!!
  4. fire! fire! fire! fire! huh huh huh huh huh! damn,.......thats good stuff,.....what a couple of maroons!
  5. yeah,their stuff isnt recorded well at all in my opinion
  6. yep. they are a heavy metal sort of deal. not really my kind o' music,but they are good at what they do. I've never talked with any of the guys in the band,and there isnt much absinthe/wormwood imagery on their website,so,....I'm kinda thinking that its more a name and not really substance they imbibe....at least not semi regularly. you can check 'em out at the wormwood website and their myspace page
  7. yay!!! your almost old enough to vote :D
  8. insomnia and I have become quite close lately
  9. Happy Birfday!!!!!!!! now,...1 glass for every year :D YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
  10. yay!!!!!! happy birfday!
  11. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! happy birfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hyper:
  12. Happy Birfday Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!
  13. was he wearing his furry boots? would those be muckluks?
  14. notice in that pic,how he has his fists under his biceps to make em look bigger? that guy is all of about 4 ft tall.
  15. DUDE! ya gotta get one with the bass player showing off his fancy furry boots!
  16. hehehehehe I actually played a few shows with those chumps in the 80's....nice enough guys,but the music was EXTRA cheesy. actually the last time I played a show with rail they actually had Ronnie Montrose as their guitar player. it was cool meeting a somewhat legendary guitarist...although he must have needed some crack money to be playing with those guys. *shudder*.....ew....sorry I just flashed back to playing clubs in the 80's.....it was a real annoying time to be a heavy guitar player in a cover band.... I did get to see some QUITE funny shit going on in those clubs though. I think the best thing about those times,was the fact most women had no problem showing their titties to the band on a near constant basis. ya gotta love that.
  17. *in a cheesy falsetto* "hello all you people!"
  18. damn,I thought you'd have those lyrics memorized by now. there wont be any cheat sheets on stage ya know.
  19. whatta ya talking about? you KNOW its a rush cover band. by the way,...are you still planning on singing 'BY-TOR and THE SNOWDOG' with us next week at the red lion?
  20. My Cd that I have been working on for sometime,is now for sale on the web! YAY!!! neato! its kinda cool selling music to people in europe that I have never met. next week all the songs will be available on itunes and rhapsody,and a couple of other digital distribution sites that I seem to be drawing a blank on at the moment. this is cool! theres a link to the cdbaby site in my sig if anyone has any interest... shamless self promo,I know,.. I just think its cool that you can sell music this way without the need for the MAN. anyway,....I'll stop now :P