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  1. thanks all! it's been sometime indeed,...work is quite busy,and music is consuming time as well. hope everyone is doing great,perhaps we'll get to raise a glass soon.
  2. yay!!!!!!!! happy b-day!!!
  3. thanks all! since I got this FREE bottle of un emile (I sure as hell wouldnt buy it ) I think,its time for a drink ! YAY!!!!
  4. fire! fire! fire! fire! huh huh huh huh huh! damn,.......thats good stuff,.....what a couple of maroons!
  5. yeah,their stuff isnt recorded well at all in my opinion
  6. yep. they are a heavy metal sort of deal. not really my kind o' music,but they are good at what they do. I've never talked with any of the guys in the band,and there isnt much absinthe/wormwood imagery on their website,so,....I'm kinda thinking that its more a name and not really substance they imbibe....at least not semi regularly. you can check 'em out at the wormwood website and their myspace page
  7. yay!!! your almost old enough to vote :D
  8. insomnia and I have become quite close lately
  9. Happy Birfday!!!!!!!! now,...1 glass for every year :D YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!
  10. yay!!!!!! happy birfday!
  11. yayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! happy birfday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hyper:
  12. Happy Birfday Yayyyyyyyy!!!!!!