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  1. Does this mean that you're admitting to being a windbag?
  2. May I suggest that your assumptions may be mistaken?
  3. Must be something you drank. It keeps repeating on me.
  4. Shabba, blow your knows and deposit the result in the trash. I'm sickened to think you're in-jesting that funk. Eew.
  5. My recommendation is to talk your friend out of buying Unicum.
  6. It's you I was hoping wouldn't do something icky with it.
  7. Sixer's among the self-deluded who choose not to come around here any more. His manners are far too impeccable to have his posting rights revoked. So, it is kind of irrelevant, and yet he does deserve the thoughts. Happy, happy, Sixer. Where ever you may be.
  8. Shabba knows all the insider poop. Sounds like sumptim' to follow up on.
  9. It's spit and baling wire that hold all the really important equipment in working order.