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  1. So I have yet to meet anyone here yet. I tried to make it to the New Years Eve party, but got lost I am embarrassed to say. Drove around for an hour and gave up. (Hell, I'd most likely loose my ass if it wasn't attached to me.) I see deepsnog FINALLY made his way here. He is the ONLY one in this group I actually kinda know. Hell, I see him everytime I am in Seattle at the clubs. So MAYBE I can make it to the next event. This next time it might me a good idea to get someone's cell # in case I can't find my way again. Honestly, I am REALLY not that stupid, I just don't know my way around area's I haven't really been to. I will be in Seattle Friday night....maybe the Mercury. Anything EXCITING going on?
  2. Very excited to have found my way here. I have been very interested in absinthe, but have yet to try it. (That may change on Saturday... ) I am looking forward in learning more about it as well as meeting others with in this group. I NEED to attend a gathering and it seems that this up coming New Years event is calling my name. I know of 2 other friends that would be VERY interested as well. They might be able to even contribute some of their own absinthe! (I only recently found out that they made it and had interest.) What information is appropriate to give them, so they too, can interact with in this group? Lastly, I am VERY hesitant about using pay pal. (I have been a recent victim of fraud & identity theft.) Is there any other way to pay for this up coming event? Can I mail a check or money order? (It sounds silly, but you have NO idea what I have had to deal with.) I look forward in meeting you!