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  1. Just had my order delivered! Yeah! Clandestine More Ike Blanchette de combier monmartre Mad quick shipping...though I am bitter that I missed my previously slow shipping discount by 3 days....I guess I'll get over it.
  2. Started with a Weihenstephaner hefeweizen...followed by an: eichelberger verte Clandestine Le bleue Blanchette de Combier Flying monkeys dropped off my order in amazing time...5 days from internet order to doorstep...love me some LdF Gotta wake up in 5 hours and go back to work...may regret this.....
  3. I found this at Linens And Things...little ghetto but very functional. I also bought the LDF dripper, but I'm way too lazy. Works great and has that old-school moonshine feel about it... All told it was twenty bucks...as you see I have a very convenient ledge in my kitchen, but there were a couple candle holders that looked good and should elevate to the proper height. In theory, I'd probably be able to drill a couple of more holes for further spigotage...in theory
  4. Just got my package from LdF. VdF and Ike with Pontarlier glasses and a blown dripper. Was going to hold off on tasting until more awake (17h day) but I really couldn't resist. Had the Ike first...diluted it somewhere between 3:1 and 4:1...louching easily but gently. The taste somewhere in the region of an alpine meadow. I then gave the VdF a try...probably should've gone to bed. The taste is somewhat 'sharper', more herbal with a more prominent nose. Both liqueurs pour a clear, strong green and both louche to an even light green...very attractive. I had figured that this absinthe stuff was bogus posturing (sorry...no offense) but the flavor is truly incredible and original. As pertaining to the 'secondary effects,' I feel none and feel none the less for it. I just want to say thanks for all of the info...you folks have been invaluable in securing my future bankruptcy XOXO