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  1. Um, nothing. I pretty much quit drinking almost 10 months ago. I still drink wine in moderation, wherever that is. Happy Holidays to you all!
  2. Some CLB from Brooklyn, smoking a Macanudo Ascot on a hot summer night, looking forward to some Vieux Pontarlier whenever it arrives. It's getting better, I hope.
  3. Montechristos & H. Upmanns are now available in 10 cigarillo tins. Life is good.
  4. Unless there's a Sally Hemings impersonator about, of course.
  5. Finally, someone else from Něbrážký! Welcome & where you at, son?
  6. A nice price on Henri Bardouin here. They also have Pontarlier-Anis, Granier, Prado, and (ugh) Herbsaint.
  7. Nothing at all. What I objected to was the precious bandwidth that was wasted to get to that point.
  8. Yes, Alan, thank you. Now, shall we please kill this topic?
  9. Montechristos & H. Upmanns are my faves. For the music lovers/cigar smokers out there. "Sometimes a cigar is just a banana." - Brian Freud (no relation)
  10. Tincture of absinthe. Pine tar & morphine. Is this for dandruff & the pain it causes? Thanks, Brooks!
  11. Cökesnuff was the name of it. Jasmine was my favorite. Clove, huh? Thirty-five years ago, I had a snuff habit big time. Back then, there was a brand known as Doctor Rumney's Mentholyptus that I used a lot. I'm glad I kicked, it's a disgusting habit, but I still have a hankering for it every now & then, no thanks to you, Bob! Everybody's least favorite term of endearment.
  12. Ravi Shankar & Igor Stravinsky. Unfortunately, I'm still on the wagon.