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  1. No, 20mg/kg is for "absinthe de Pontarlier". To be labeled "absinthe" in France it is just supposed to have > 7mg/kg. If not, it can just continue to be labeled "spiriteux" or whatever, as in the past.
  2. This on top of the minimum 7mg/kg thujone in order to be called "absinthe" in France - which one can guess is to make it difficult to make absinthes for the US market. Pretty tough to try to come in at the narrow range 7 - 10mg/kg. Hmmm, I wonder who could be behind that...
  3. Ah, so it's listed under "regional craft spirits" not "absinthe" at Caddell & Williams. I've been checking their website for a few weeks and didn't clue in to that possibility. Too late for me to get a bottle to take to the boys in France, but I'll order one when I get back, if I still have any money left!
  4. By the way, Stefano's birthday is tomorrow.
  5. I know what you're talking about, and I hope so as well.
  6. There have been hints of a Helfrich renaissance, but that's all I have to say about that.
  7. And I tasted even earlier prototypes when I met Stefano in France several years ago. I've been "his biggest fan" since then (though not in a Kathy Bates/Misery sort of way). No one has equalled the fragrance of any of his extraits that I've tasted: any version of l'Italienne, la Grenouille, and the (for me) mind-blowing vintage-ish reproduction.
  8. There seem to be a few bottles of l'Italienne batch 2 still available at LDF. If you ever want to taste it, this is your last chance.
  9. Yeah, I've known this for quite a while. In my opinion it's a big loss to the world of absinthe. Stefano's creations were unique and brilliant and cannot be replaced.
  10. I have a couple extra unopened copies of that MCD book (L'Absinthe: Son Histoire) from a previous life. I'll post something in the appropriate section of the forum in the next few days in case anyone is interested in taking one off my hands. The text is in French.
  11. I've had several glasses of this over the last week. I always use a fountain with ice in it and a slow drip. I had no problem obtaining a good louche from it except for one time when I poured a smaller dose in a big glass, and it never did louche. I overwatered it and ended up sinking it. So I think it requires a little coaxing. Impy, the Herbsaint glasses are basically just the Tarragona glasses, right?
  12. I totally do not see where you get the idea that David is in a foul mood. I'm sure he's giggling like a schoolgirl right now.
  13. Umm, he HAS done many very positive things. And I really enjoy his sense of humor. It seems to be lost on some of you here.
  14. Yes, this would be the only way to make it right.
  15. No doubt about that! I do remember Claude-Alain took a sip from your glass and spat it out, making a horrible face (sort of like the face I made when tasting the Angelique but that's une autre histoire). Sometimes with new absinthes I really like them at first but after a number of glasses I don't like them so much anymore.
  16. Maybe I'm not the best judge of that because we all sucked that bottle down in the midst of a two week drunken tour of France and Switzerland. As I recall Wild Bill especially liked it.
  17. Mike, who owns Alandia, is a very nice guy. I met him at Boveresse last year. But their website has some bad information which could definitely influence someone who doesn't know better. They do have the Epoque which is very good.
  18. If you would just send people to LDF there would be no danger of them buying dodgy products.
  19. No, it is not new. We used to call it lame sinthe.
  20. Is that shit still made? It was bad 10 years ago when the bar was a lot lower!
  21. I've had little tastes of one of the prototypes and the final version of Obsello, and it is definitely far superior to any other Spanish absenta.