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  1. There are still Red Robins? May I recommend the Flat On Your Beak for your next visit. Sorry I'm late, but Happy Happy to you both!
  2. I guess Jack's real busy these days, huh? Or am I wrong? Where art thou, Jack?
  3. What about Bob? I'm glad I get drunk and stumble in here enough to avoid being purged.
  4. The blanche I'm drinking tonight is better than it was the other night. Prolly since I'm sober this time.
  5. Had a Pontarlier. Good. but not my speed. Then had a blanche, Not perfect, but smashing. Besançon is THE ONE.
  6. Hey, me too! I heard it's THE ONE. And I must say, despite the fact that I generally prefer the blanches, this is one lovely drink.
  7. Ima gonna hafta consult Brooks. He may be right. That price was so 2003. And yes, I was drunk. On my way there again tonight. Gotta head to another thread to boast about that.
  8. "I little leniency" WTF? You people are drunk derelicts. For Shame! :P
  9. The line gets shorter with a C-Note. I'm just sayin'...
  10. Lotastetion, Lotastetion, Lotastetion!
  11. Or perhaps a nice cap-sleeved v-neck? Some of us have boobs.
  12. Some days, I feel mildly retarded, which is why I limit my posting here. I'm much more comfy being retarded elsewhere.
  13. My signature really says it all.
  14. But I'll most likely forget it tomorrow.