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  1. Actually, I'd find it interesting for different reviews to use different ratios, as long as people also published the ratio they ended up with. As I said, some absinthes have a range of useful ratios in which the character gradually changes. I think we all agree that if the alcohol bites it's underwatered and if the mouthfeel's thin and the aroma weaken it's overwatered. In between those two, I think that deciding on "one ratio to rule them all" is like deciding how many angels fit in a Pontarlier glass reservoir.
  2. My observations is that you can't make a matrix that's right all of the time (which doesn't mean you effort is worthless; it's excellent as a rule of thumb, but I'd word things slightly less authoritatively). And I've been drinking for more than three years (not that it makes my argument any more valid) and tasted lots of absinthes, although I must confess that I've probably got a much smaller Cabinet of Horrors than Brian Robinson.
  3. And here's where I don't agree with you. I'm more interested in the process than the result. That's because I'm not doing anything but looking while I patiently wait for the drip to do its effects. When the result is there, I'm ready to use my nose and tongue rather than my eyes .
  4. Then we're in violent agreement, but I still think it's worded in such a way that the weak of spirit will be swayed by the Jedi mind trick . I doubt all their customers necessarily agreed or that it was universal. The old glasses that I've seen with etchings on them are most of the time rather inconsistent with 1:5, and more consistent with 1:4, but I'll concede that I've seen some cordons with a very small réservoir and catalogues with other markings that are a bit all over the place. Yup, but I think the instructions are still a bit fraught with 'danger' (although a misguided review of an absinthe is not that lethal, of course). As others have said, you can fix an underwatered absinthe rather easily, but if you just dilute it 1:5 and it's "noyé" (there's a word for overwatering your absinthe, yet I haven't seen one for an underwatered one ) there's nothing you can do but sit and weep.
  5. It's a rule of thumb, and not law. Many absinthes demand something quite different, and in effect it depends on the alcohol base (and not only its alcohol percentage), the herb bill, the process and even exactly what taste preferences you have and how you louche the absinthe (i.e. if you use a fountain and a slow drip or a power louche). I'd be interested to read "historical sources" that mandate a precise 12% ABV final alcohol content for all absinthes, because even in pre-ban times, there was hardly consensus as to how much sugar to add and how much water to add (and vociferous debate about it) . Personally, there aren't many absinthes I'd water 1:4.5, and you'd have to be stark raving mad to water vintage Pernod Fils that much (although that is of course partly because it's no longer at 68°), which is surprisingly pleasant at even 1:3, as it loses its alcohol bit very early. This demands much more subtle treatment than "here, look at this table". Watering an absinthe is a skill that one should learn, and it's an art. You're better off describing how to learn what is an underwatered absinthe (one with an alcohol bite or some flavours undeveloped) and what is an overwatered absinthe (with a thin mouthfeel, possibly a weak aftertaste and aroma) so that people can make their own minds up. Personally, when I review absinthes, I even tend to try slightly different water ratios and describe the effect on the aroma and the taste and mouthfeel. I still contend that you should NOT penalise absinthes at all for an opaque louche. An opaque louche could be a sign of trouble, but then you'll notice it via the mouthfeel (yes, it can be unpleasantly sticking and cloying or tongue-numbing), the aroma or the taste. If you don't notice it there, then you don't. Mind you, I also think that some people obsess too much over requiring an opaque louche. I couldn't care less, as long as something nice and entertaining happens while you pour the water (which may happen earlier for absinthes with a thick louche).
  6. You water it at the ratio that makes sense. There's actually a possible range for the watering - you water it until the alcohol bite is completely gone, and from then on the more you water it, the more the wormwood is present and the less the (excellent) green anise sweetness is. Go too far, and you've just ruined an expensive glass of preban. The correct amount depends on the exact source; I've now had samples of five different bottles (and a lot more from one bottle) and they all required different ratios. Within the acceptable range, I can only describe the louche as very thick. All the glasses I've ever poured that had a translucent louche were ridiculously overwatered (I shan't reveal the names of the culprits, as I have forgiven them. But not forgotten ); the mouthfeel goes to the dogs well before the louche does.
  7. What about us in Inner Mongolia? Discrimination! [Yeah, I know I'm on facebook -- with a glass of absinthe in hand.]
  8. No argument from me (I think it was clear that we agree on that).
  9. Remind me to put you on the List of People from Wormwood Society Not to Talk To. I constantly keep forgetting not to talk to people (people who know me in real life are well aware of that). In case you missed it (you never know, on this forum ), that was sarcasm. It's not because we're looking for something different in an online forum that we aren't talking.
  10. I don't know about you, but I rarely drink "mere alcohol". Absinthe's just one of many possible alcoholic beverages, and so are, to pick two examples, very old Cognac or a glass of 16 month old Orval. They're all peculiar and different from the others. I do deny that absinthe has 'special power' over all other products, except when I'm too drunk. And that never happens these days.
  11. No one is. I really like Claude Alain Bugnon even though he's clearly misguided about the IGP. Oxy invited him to le Soliat and paid tribute to him even though he's "not too fond" (that's a euphemism) of the IGP either. The world's a complex place. Good things are done for bad reasons and bad things for what seem good reasons.
  12. Now you're telling me. I thought I'd only missed the trip to the forest "source".
  13. And the Wormwood Society world being even smaller. Reports of its death have been greatly exaggerated. Sometimes it seems interesting enough for Brian to put his foot in his mouth to repost things he shouldn't (I'm not going to diss him, he profusely apologised). But it's much more like a pub. It's a discussion forum, not one with the same mission to educate. Don't like the flow, don't join. No need to start whinging about it anywhere else; nobody is drafted by force into membership anywhere (not here and not at FV).
  14. Consider this: Poland is not on Endor, even though Boggy has been compared to Chewbacca, who is a wookie but has been spotted on Endor. Wookies live on Kashyyyk, which is different from Endor. But Poland is also not on Kashyyyk. This just does not make sense. And if it does not make sense you must ACQUIT Boggy, and concede that he makes sense, that he hasn't hijacked this thread to take gratuitous stabs at LdF without a shred of knowledge, and that this thread is really about l'Italienne and LdF and not about the Swiss IGP.
  15. Perhaps people who submit applications for IGPs should actually read about what they are? And read Swiss-EU treaties? But the courts will rule on that anyway.