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  1. Well, that first trip was over ten years ago. My most recent trip there was not as wonderful. Loud disco comes closer to the mark.
  2. I remember the first time I went to The Front. I walked up to the bar, ordered an Edisonian and they knew exactly how to make it. Plus there were cigarette girls. That night started my very short life as a smoker.
  3. It was a nice. quiet, uneventful day. Thanks guys.
  4. I have watched a number of episodes, and as a rule find it annoying. Some good info that is presented by a speed freak is what comes to mind. Plus it irritates the F out of me when everything served in a cocktail glass is some sort of "martini".
  5. Actually, it is Triple Sec. And it is good.
  6. Volume 3 is in the works. To early to give any details, but it will hopefully turn out just as nice as the first two.
  7. I thought aI would pass along a note that my books are selling fast. If you have been thinking about picking them up, now is the time. You might not be able to have a complete set soon. Fine Press Absinthe Books
  8. Nepenthes


    My order just went through.
  9. Well, if she was Basque and he called her Spanish, I can see why he was afraid of pissing her off.
  10. I appreciate the support. I have to pay for that vintage somehow.
  11. It is a wonderful read. I don't think you will be disappointed.
  12. Buy a book while you are waiting.
  13. I've got to pay for may hobbies somehow. Thanks for the support TGO!