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  1. And fine absinthe is a good preventive measure against elephantitis, which will take care of that whole "tripping over your balz" issue.
  2. Speaking of habits - I find I get this sort of spicey, anise-like sensation on my tongue at times during the day, like some kind of sense memory. But I’d describe it more simply as a craving. The green stuff can really get to you. Too bad it’s so expensive.
  3. I knew I could count on you all. I had my landlord try some this morning, and from the look of him, I'd say the stuff has a nice foamy mouthfeel.
  4. So, now that I’ve had about 1/3 bottle of Jade Edouard, I think it’s safe to say that I know all there is to know about absinthe. This is going to blow your minds people, but I’m pretty sure I can reproduce the Jade Edouard with some stuff I got at Dr. Michael’s Herbs here in Chicago. There’s nothing to it really – I just keep adding stuff to Everclear until it tastes just like the Jade. It’s been a little hard to get wormwood of the right quality – even Dr. Michael doesn’t seem to have the good stuff – so I’ve been adding just the tiniest traces of strychnine to see what effect it will have, and boy, is that strong stuff! I think I’ll market it overseas as “Wormwood Society Bälztrippen Supéreur. I know I can count on you all for your support and encouragement!
  5. Erik Satie? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> You can still get them - but those damned things hurt my nose! http://eyeglass.com/products-monocles-pincenez.html
  6. I got that email, and it did delay my order until the following week. No big deal, really - it arrived safe and sound.
  7. And by the way, sorry if that bothered anyone here, but I'm used to slightly rowdier message boards, and I was a bit ripped last night, and I do come from a broken home (carnies and sideshow geeks, and the like) -- oh, and society's to blame.
  8. Whatever develops, really - including dancing a quadrille. I guess the Jades' reputation speaks for itself. Anyway, I sure like it, and I'm glad I didn't get caught up in the hype and BS over the various Czech pretenders out there.
  9. All right, No joking or screwing around, here’s my first impression, if anyone’s still interested. Last night I only had time for one belt – and did it in the traditional fashion with a very small sugar cube and a carefully measured ratio of 1 part Eddie to 3 parts water. Not a revelation, really – the resultant cocktail struck me as rather weak and watery, and the flavour of anise seemed predominant. That’s not so much a problem for me, as I happen to like anise-flavored drinks a lot (Sambuca, Arak, Pernod), but I didn’t detect a lot more than that this time. Maybe the fact that it was late and I was dead tired had some effect. Tonight I determined that I like a stronger mix (not such great news economically, at least), and “eyeballed” the mix at about 1 part Eddie to 1 and a half to two parts water. - with no sugar. Great improvement! I could detect the bitterness of the other herbs behind the anise, and I happen to enjoy the little bit of alcoholic bite that a stronger mix provides. The bitterness is not at all unpleasant, as I’d feared, but adds a certain dimension to the taste. My palette is not educated enough to pick out the notorious “Jade funk,” but I have to say that so far I like this particular drink a lot, so perhaps it’s something that agrees with me. Bring on da funk! I followed it up with some Arak, and it certainly seems a bit one-dimensional in comparison, which provides some perspective. And speaking of perspective, would any of you care to suggest a follow-up purchase to give me a little perspective on the range of stuff out there - something a bit less anise-heavy perhaps? Anyway, sorry if this was too wordy. I know that annoys some of you – but since I’ve got a nice, pleasant little buzz going right now, perhaps you’ll forgive me if I say “too f*cking bad.” And incidentally, the absinthe is lovely indeed, but damn – I still say that French Styrofoam is AWESOME.
  10. I would pay considerably for an antique McDLT container. You know they kept the hot stuff hot and the cold stuff cold. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Aw, hell - I remember getting those in the '80s. I used to just throw them away! What a fool I was!
  11. Yeah - a terrible thing to happen to someone like me who wears eyeglasses.
  12. O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! Eddie appeared this morning, secreted in a Styrofoam sarcophagus. How marvelous to once again experience the intoxicating fragrance of true French Styrofoam! Its evocative aroma transports my senses – perhaps to the exotic port of Marseilles, its bustling marketplace vibrant with the bellowing of merchants and the smell of moule mariniere, its waterfront teeming with rough sailors from faraway lands and hardened, gimlet-eyed ladies of the night. Ah, my genitals tingle at the very thought! If I could only find seven other people to do it with, I’d... oh, I don’t know, maybe dance a quadrille or something. I would have to say that Ted B. is the finest purveyor of authentic Styrofoam français, bar none. Aside from a portion of his wax headgear having been chipped off, Eddie seems to be unmolested by clumsy monkeys or meddling customs agents. I will take care to record my experience – purely for the sake of research – and present my findings to you members of l'Académie, whereupon you will undoubtedly mock me unmercifully as a mere dilettante or dismiss my findings as the ravings of a madman. Curse you, curse you all. I’ll show you – I’ll show all of you supercilious doctrinaires!
  13. I was invited to (what I thought was) burning man. Worst vacation ever. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Is that you, Sergeant Howie? A bit of Unguentine Ointment will clear that right up.
  14. Ah - well, that's a horse of a different colour.