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  1. It's one of those installation pieces where it's just a plain white room and you're supposed to reflect on what the artist chose NOT to put in there.
  2. Howdy and welcome. Always good to have another Texan around. I really wish we had a smiley face icon that is wearing a cowboy hat and fires shots from his six-shooter in the air....seems like it would be appropriate. Edit:
  3. Howdy. Always nice to see another Texan around here.
  4. If your drink is getting warm, you're drinking too slowly.
  5. Daegul: That thread is actually about the place in Houston. Although the URL for the Dallas location was briefly mentioned. It doesn't help when every bar trying to promote absinthe calls themselves "The Absinthe Lounge".
  6. I just checked out their "virtual tour"...which is really just a couple snapshots of the bar interior mixed with every google image result that comes up when you query "absinthe". The bar itself actually looks kind of hip. The kind of place where people compare Kurosawa's films to Herzog's. Let us know how it is if you make it over there.
  7. I don't drink all that often anymore, but I decided to treat myself to a Gin&Germain Tonic tonight. What a wonderful combination.
  8. It's a term used for the cheese that hardens at the bottom of a fondue pot. It forms a delicious, cracker-like cheese munch-able. Also called la croute. It's the best part about fondue. Now I've got a hanker for a hunka, a slab a slice or chunka, a hanker for a hunka cheese.
  9. You're taking the wrong approach to the issue. The leftover sugar at the bottom of the glass is the best part. It's like la religieuse.
  10. Since we all seem to have easy access to bottles now...I don't see why we couldn't manage a WS Texas Event
  11. Howdy! Was this elaborated on? If so, I missed it (other than Kentucky being "home"). Anywho, welcome!
  12. Welcome fellow Austinite! If you work for Dell, then I'm going to guess you live in North Austin...which would make us neighbors.
  13. In the summer here (which is March through November), the Alamo Drafthouse does free outdoor movies every Monday. It's the closest thing to a drive-in around here, plus they have lots of beer.