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  1. very intriguing. the picture was taken in santa barbara, but i did live in marina del rey. why is that an "interesting" absinthe to start with? cactus
  2. shinsain~ I do appreciate the information, regardless of length. I feel I must clarify. I don't intend to actually mix absinthe with any other alcohol, in the same glass. What I meant was, if I have a couple of glasses of wine, or what have you, at dinner and then some absinthe when I get home, am I going to get sick? Liquor before beer, you're in the clear. Beer before liquor, never sicker. Martin Lake~ So, does this mean I should stay away from hard alcohol when drinking absinthe. No gin and tonic at dinner? Thanks for the info, everyone. cactus
  3. shinsain- I ordered the Nouvelle-Orléans. I hope this is a good introductory bottle. Here's another question: Can you mix Absinthe with other liquors? Is there a little rhyme comparable to, "liquor before beer, you're in the clear" Or does anything go? cactus
  4. Good afternoon everyone! Can someone tell me if the "private courier" needs a signature? Will they just drop the package off? For anyone in the Southern California area; how long does it take from the time shipment is confirmed to the box on your front doorstep? Should I NOT count on my order this weekend if my shipment was confirmed on Thursday? Is it okay to cry? I apologize in advance if I've annoyed anyone. ~Impatiently Awaiting in Los Angeles
  5. Hello All Here's my story: Last night, while flipping through the latest New Yorker, I happened upon an article about absinthe. I'm sure you're all well aware of the article. My basic knowledge of absinthe was pretty standard, essentially WAY off track. I've been incredibly intrigued by the stuff for years...and can honestly say, now that I know more about it, even more so. While reading through "The Office," I got the impression that this is a male dominated...society...for want of a better word. Is this the case? I'm a woman, an INTP, and I like Charles Bukowski. I shall forever not belong. Lament, lament, lament. I look forward to belonging here. My first bottle will be Nouvelle-Orléans. I should be getting it any day now; I'm very excited. Cheers, everyone! Cactus