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  1. The avatar is the Hermit from the rider-Waite Tarot deck. Wouldn't surprise me if Led Zepplin used it though
  2. I feel like i've just found a new favorite pub! Good folks, good drink - does anybody mind if I light up a cigar? Until recently, I would have said Absinthe was extinct. Looking up worwood for an entirely different reason, I found out otherwise. My first sample didn't impress me much. Absente wasn't horrible, but I wouldn't go out of my way to have it again. Then I stumbled in here. After looking around the place, I decided to stay a while, introduce myself, and thank all of you for the opinions and information I've seen so far. I'm eagerly waiting for the flying monkeys to land with the real thing (Do I need to leave some Anise-flavored cookies out for them? Or is that just a rumor started by me to get my wife to bake some?). After I sample some Jade NO and Kübler 53 I'll feel a little less ignorant. I even added a bottle of Doubs to the order, to see for myself what the difference is in an "oil mix". After reading the reviews here, I decided to pass on the Hill's - inquiring minds may want to know, but I need to have a little regard for my liver!