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  1. well I ordered a bottle of strong 68 on alandias website. And I just want to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Now ill admit upfront that I haven't tried any of the expensive higher quality absinthes save for la clandestine Blanche, if you consider that high quality. But I was quite satisfied with strong68. I had read people saying on here that it was horribly bitter and absolutely terrible. I didn't find it bitter at all. It was heavy on the anise as its prominent flavor but I didn't notice any bitterness at all. For me it was a decent absinthe. Aside from the louche not being as milky as i expected. I'd say go ahead and try it if you like absinthe heavy on the anise. I plan to try a bottle of jade terminus or gron opal next to see how these more expensive absinthes compare. I'll submit my reviews of them on here. But ya I think strong68 isn't a bad beginners absinthe in my opinion. Obviously not the best out there but to anyone wanting to try it id say go for it, it's not bad at all for the price.