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  1. Hi guys, Been a loooong time since ive been on. Good news, I'm not dead! Actually, there is no bad news, so there ya have it. I've just been terribly busy, Life and all, but i think it's starting to slow down. I'll be on from time to time, trying to catch up w/ all the posts i've missed. Sorry for the lapse in time!
  2. You guys must be machines, man! I get MAD Hangovers from absinthe! It's the only drink that I do get horrible hangovers from. I'm talking splitting headaches (which I never have, normally) Queesy stomach, total feeling of a warmed up, ran over turd; lie on the couch all day, wish I was dead Hangover! I actually think it has something to do with being allergic to some of the herbs. The less I drink, the less the symptoms; the more I drink the worse the symptoms, but there is always HELL to pay the next day! edited to spell some words correctly
  3. Yes he did, but only if you're going to chew on it. If you light that sucker up, nothing smells worse than burnt hair!
  4. Stick to Cuban if possible. The crap about Dom's being just as good as Cuban's, is just that, CRAP! I've yet to smoke any Dom's as good. Cigars come in so many different sizes & rings, it's difficult to suggest a favorite. Every cigar I'm referring is Cuban, mind you. If you like smaller cigars, and by small I mean smaller than churchills. Something like around 5 inches long & ring at mid to lower 40's then go with a Montecristo No.4. This is probably the perfect all around smoke. If you want something a little more potent, & can handle drinking & Cigars, then go with a Cohiba Siglo II. This cigar is awesome, but it will make feel a little loopy. It's also the same size as the Monte. Something a little bigger: Go Robusto Size. Same length as above but the ring is 50. 1.) Montecristo Edmundo - this has a 52 ring (I REALLY want one of these; my next box purchase) 2.) Cohiba Robusto 3.) Ramon Allones Specially Selected Going for broke with a big one: 1.) Montecristo Pyramide or Cohiba Pyramide - length: 6 inches ring: 52 2.) Cohiba Sublimes Lngth: 6 ring: 54 3.) Partagas Lusatanias Lngth: almost 8 inches but ring: only 49 4.) Hoyo de Monterey or Cohiba Double Coronas Lngth: almost 8 in. ring: @49 Any of those are GREAT! If you can find any of those above as Edicion Limitada then grab one. As you can tell, i'm partial to Cohiba & Montecristo, but only because they are the best! If anyone knows of any Dom's as good as Cuban's, please let me know, so I can try them. They're easier for me to get.
  5. I'm not impressed w/ Un Emile 68. I would, however like to try Un Emile Sapin. The whole pine cone thing intrigues me. Has anyone tried this? Curious!!
  6. Has anyone tried this purple absinthe? I'm kind of wanting to get a bottle. I have plenty of quality absinthe's here, so I was thinking of getting this for something fun & a little bit different. Any thoughts?
  7. Hmmm! I wonder if a nice abisnthe would go with grilled placenta w/ mango salsa!
  8. Woo-Hoo! My new Cee-Gars arrived today! I definitely recommend www.habanodirect.com for all your Cuban cigar needs. I prefer this site to the other one I mentioned in this post earlier. Top Notch!! :guitar: :cigar: :banana:
  9. Alan, I think what he means about indians/casino's, at least here in Oklahoma, is that only indians can have casino's here. A regular businessman can't just go out & open a casino or gambling hall. So it's kind of a sore spot here, creating some tension in the business world. It smells of blatant descrimination hiding behind the guise of sovereignty. Not that plenty of ppl of all races & creeds can't go to them, we just can't own one. Hmmmm!
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it is legal to own & consume absinthe in America, you just can't import it or sell it here. So theoretically in OKlahoma, the Indians could make it & sell it on their land, being sovereign Indian land, but also still be in Oklahoma, so we would be possessing it legally as well. It's a huge Catch-22 Snafu!
  11. Ari, I'm worried about ya buddy. You gotta get out more! :D
  12. Welcome Mt! BTW, what's a Wormwood Bomb?