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  1. Yeah I couldn't see it, nevermind though shipping ended up costing 60$. I have to stop posting though, I can't stand my name showing up everywhere
  2. Well dispite this threads wanderings I think the poster-base for this forum is actually pretty impressive. Having absinthe makers is pretty damn neato if you ask me. This gets kudos. You guys rock. Incomplete sentance. Toast.
  3. Does anyone know what size the $8.50 bottle from www.absinthvertrieb.de is? Has anyone actually ordered this, 10 dollars?? Thanks
  4. Welcome to this forum. Simple, and sweet.
  5. Jackson California 1 hour NE of Sacramento. Was in Frobes top 50 small towns a few years ago, now a bunch of people have moved in and its no longer a small town. Complete with megaconglomerate stripmalls now (applebees, lowes) even a resident indian casino. yup
  6. It will never cease to amaze me the way threads can go on this forum. I'v decided to buy my first bottle of absinthe. The problem? I have no job. So, naturally I'm buying a bottle of Jade Edouard 72 with my social security check. God bless America.
  7. You people scare me.
  8. Hehaw, gnarly man. I(')m not sure, just the way I talk heh. Absomphe are you saying that you went and it sucked or it was something else. Also, I know this isn't the market place but since you're all already around what would you suggest for your first, mid/low price range bottle? Yup, thats it.. cya
  9. Hi im kinda new.. well iv been lurking and all for a while.. about myself? My names Matthew.. Really im looking to buy my first bottle of absinthe pretty soon but I dont really have a job so I dunno if I can.. anndd, hmm.. yeah burning mans pretty cool when a few people arent bumming it out.. and eh, drinking is fun? **EDIT** oh shit yeah and I live outsida Sacramento CA and would completly dig meeting anyone close around who is into absinthe.. Oh yeah and I also study the art of pick-up artists in my spare time. though, im a nice guy I promise.