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  1. Aww, I missed all this. Thank you! It was a decent one except for some food poisoning.
  2. Through babelfish's somewhat translation of that Denoix page... am I to understand there's no thujone in this stuff either? With the help of has research laboratory, it has been possible to develop has totally natural method for eliminating the offending thujone and, with this out of the way, it has been possible to awaken this "Sleeping Beauty"
  3. Yikes. Not the greatest sounding. Thanks for the link.
  4. I am looking into living in Montreal someday and surveyed my absinthe choices. Hills, Versinthe, or this stuff.. http://www.elie-arnaud-denoix.com/ead/produits.php?id=64 Has anyone tried it? Is it distilled?
  5. Good resources Hiram. Thanks. One thing I found horrific is how it seemed that in his time he was found completely ugly. Today's society is much more tolerant of the different.
  6. I just saw Moulin Rouge (1952) and was quite pleased with the direction it took. But I am confused as it portrays Toulouse as a very uptight cynic. The new Moulin Rouge shows him as a passionate outgoing manic little person. These films were depicted in exactly the same couple of years so I am curious on exactly what Henri Toulouse Lautrec was like? I know he had SOME goofiness to him after I saw some of his photos where he dressed up as a woman, a samurai and other characters for fun. Is there a good resource out there that truly illuminates his character?
  7. For some reason, I picture some doe-eyed kid in red pajamas asking this question.
  8. I still have Pernod 68 around. I put it below LaFee on taste but I still love the bottle and color. Probably the most "authentic-looking" color absinthe I have right now. I've always found it to be an ok absinthe (for an oil mix) until the other day when I dosed it a little heavy, around 3:1, I was blown away by heat and strangeness. So be careful with that. I suggest 4 or 5:1 water/absinthe.
  9. Welcome Thomas. That has to be one of the most interesting introductions I have seen yet here. You said you had pictures of that club in Prague?
  10. Something I don't quite get about this one is that the movie is set in 1919; Four years after the ban in France. And the two scenes referring to absinthe seem to be in pretty normal establishments (not speakeasy-like). Hmmm.
  11. What about HD Radio?
  12. I kept hoping it would get better. I am still stunned how bad it was. I didn't think people made mainstream movies that bad anymore.
  13. I got that one, complete with a pseudo-witty post and video! Absinthe Preperation Education
  14. Thank you all. You're a good bunch.
  15. Bloodrayne, I only watched about half so far. Nothing too impressive so far. Update: Bloodrayne is one of the worst movies I have seen in my life.
  16. If I hear ONE more guy order a flaming absinthe I'm gonna....
  17. Those sound like the suggestions of Hulda Clark. She suggests doses of wormwood and black walnut as part of a regimen to rid the body of parasites. The treatment also requires using a "zapper" where one uses low-voltage high-frequency waves to further rid the body of parasites that she claims are the cause of pretty much any ailment. Her writings are amateurish and her work is very controversial but my mother swears by it. Lets put it this way, if I got cancer I wouldn't dismiss her theories.
  18. Happy Belated Birthday! And thanks for the guidance during my noob period.
  19. Alas, I have already spent all my money on absinthe.