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  1. Thanks; it's paying off. I have, thus far, sampled the VdF, FG, UE and am currently enjoying the Ike. We took today off to have a three-day weekend to take care of errands that have piled up. After a mid-afternoon nap, awoke to find the LdF order had arrived around the same time as the glass/spoon shipment! My SO has long since gone back to sleep, but I've washed the absinthiana and fashioned a lovely brouille out of a plastic take-out (take-away to the Brit-Oz folks) salad bowl, which is not quite as hideous as it sounds. Cheers.
  2. It has, and that's an improvement. It's still far from the top of the line, though, but if I had a bottle, it would be guzzled and enjoyed for what it is. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It was the slowest one to louche. About mid-way through the dripping, it looked as if it would stay clear, but suddenly began to behave itself. The others clouded up immediately. That aside, it really wasn't too bad, relatively speaking. Time for some more Ike.
  3. Sorry I couldn't log back in sooner, so I could warn you. It was 93 degrees fahrenheit (33.9 C) yesterday. I'd love to meet you, but imagine after a few hours here, you'll want to get back to Montana ASAP.
  4. Thanks to all for the warm welcomes. They are most appreciated!
  5. Gotta pick up some matches first. :torch:
  6. Hello everyone, I live in Tucson, Arizona (southwestern U.S.) and am an absintheuse wanna-be (latter status soon to be remedied). While perusing newsgroups a while ago, I saw some spam by one of the sleazier distributors: "Be the life of the party anytime. Be Absinthe"). Despite this, I was intrigued enough to learn more and, with a little Googling, found WS and FV. I had considered making the short trip to Mexico to see what brands might be available, but my husband vetoed the idea, since we can't be sure if anyone carries it there, and having been unwillingly schlepped there many times as a kid to increase my parents' booze quota, I wasn't about to argue. So, on Saturday I placed an order with LdF. It will be: François Guy Eichelberger 68 Verte the Verte de Fougerolles 72/Un Emile 68 combo I realize the UE is not highly regarded, but I'm a sucker for a package deal (that, and the blurb on the site says it's been reformulated). Confirmation came the next day that the order had been sent to their shippers, and that it could be expected within five business days (apparently the backlog engendered by the New Yorker article has abated). Also found a site where I ordered three beautiful "Versailles" absinthe glasses and a couple of "Feuille No.2" spoons. All that's needed now is some kind of fountain, a box of sugar cubes and, of course, some sturdy wooden matches. Thanks to WS for educating people about absinthe here and on other boards. If not for you, I wouldn't know about a person named Betina, that she lives in the same city as I, and that this is not necessarily a good thing. Also appreciated were the pointers to the TT episode with Ted Breaux and the other show, whose name escapes me. It's been fun, and I trust it will continue to be. Cheers, Nancy