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  1. In real hominy grits, you ARE refering to actual hominy. I take my grits with salt, pepper, and butter. Occasionally wif teh cheese! I like my eggs fried, over easy, in bacon grease. Hmmmm, interesting thought. Anyone had absinthe with breakfast? I know from personal experience that it does not go well with pizza...
  2. Stroller, I don't overly sweeten my tea. It's mildly sweet. I put bacon in my collard greens too
  3. My actual consumption has been quite limited. Lately, I've been drinking the Un Emile 68, which I like quite a bit. After some reading around the forums, a lot of people have sparked my interest in the Edouard, which I may get a bottle of soon. I'm also very interested in trying the Nouvelle-Orleans.
  4. I was reading a post awhile back where someone stated "if you don't drink your coffee or tea with sugar" you might not like absinthe with sugar. Now, I'm one of those people that doesn't put sugar or cream in my coffee. Being a southerner, I must have sugar in my tea though. I can drink it without the sugar, but it's just not the same. I've had my absinthe both ways, and I honestly prefer the sugar. I've been drinking Un Emile lately, and the sugar just seems to add something. A single cube doesn't make the drink overly sweet, but it adds a little touch of something that just makes for a better tasting drink. I'm normally not one to ever drink "sweet" alcohol. Anyone else have some thoughts on this?
  5. Making it up to Atlanta could be quite a task. My sister is having a baby in May, so I will most likely be using all my vacation to meet her back home and see my new nephew. I do have some family up in Macon, so next time I'm up that way, I could swing up to Atlanta.
  6. Actually, I'm from Bay Minette which is in Baldwin County. I know where Leroy is, I used to work for a networking company out of Daphne, and we did business with the Washington County School System. You should drop me a line next time you are headed to Naples, we can have a drink.
  7. LdF is FAST. I can see why there is a recommendation to use them. I received a bottle of Un Emile 68, today, three days after placing my order. I have to admit that I am a little disappointed that my glass and spoon did not make it here as quickly. Oh well, I have other glasses.
  8. Howdy everyone. I'm new to the forums. I'm originally from Alabama, but I live in Ft. Myers, Florida.