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  1. Welcome from a southern boy who stands in a river waving a stick. (Mostly a 7'6' 3 weight in puddles you could step across.) PapaH
  2. Youngsters, I saw Elvis on Sullivan for his first and subsequent appearances. I was in Mrs. Murray's 8th grade Social Studies class when Kennedy was shot, and I was a "hippie" at N.C. State at the height of the Vietnam war protests (68-72). Papa
  3. Happy Birthday, Brooks. Hope you have a "Hunnert" more.
  4. Brooks, You're in for a real treat. l'Artisanale is the finest CO ever made. Hooray for Eric and company. Please do it again!!!!!
  5. Thanks to all for remembering this old fart on his 57th birthday. I've been a member of the corporate rat race for 35 years, but as of Friday, my boss has told me that my services are no longer required. Quess I'll go into the restaurant business for a while. All things considered, this is a good evening. Raw Chesapeke Bay oysters, with Maine Lobster as the main dish. CLB followed by Brut de Alembic Essai #2. Then NO, then Eddie, then l'Artisnale. Happy, Happy, Happy!!!!!! Once again, thanks to all. Lynn
  6. Like Hissy, l'Artisanale is the drink of the evening. Best of the vertes. Clean, balanced, better than Jades, better than Duplais, less gimmicky than Monty or Ike. Congratulations to Eric and company on an outrageously fine absinthe. For those who didn't get in on the first, I hope Eric will reprise with more of the same. If not, my #2 bottle will be available in about a year for big bucks. :D
  7. The new absinthes from Pernot are now available at LDF. Just ordered two bottles of the L'Artisanale. Quantities are limited to two bottles per order. Happy Holidays
  8. Being a North Carolinian, I have to wonder if you couldn't make absinthe using "shine" as the base. Seems like the Great Smokey Mountains might be a good place to grow alpine herbs. On another note, if the FDA restricts the importation of foodstuff containing thujone, then why can we buy imported Albanian sage and French Thyme?
  9. Welcome! It is a nicely civilized board, and the only place for an old fart like me to post, on the rare occasion that I do post.
  10. Another price difference between LDF and Markus, is that Markus charged me VAT on my order coming to the US and LDF did not. A three bottle order from Markus cost me $74 dollars more with courier service than the same order from LDF. That also included a $20.00 customs charge from the monkeys two weeks later. Too much!!! JMHO
  11. Hiram, Cog Popular term for a rear sprocket. Sometimes incorrectly used as a synonym for cluster, which is actually a group of cogs. Originally, "cog" referred to just a single tooth on a "cog wheel." Then "cog wheel" was shortened by popular usage to "cog." But defintiely not a gear. Surely, with all the grammer police on the board, you can tolerate one member of the engineering police. Papa H
  12. Sorry guys, That's not a gear that Hiram is showing off, it's a sprocket. Sprockets have a chain running on them. Gears run against each other. Papa H
  13. Hectma, I put the fountain together, but have to admit that I got the idea from a post I read on one of the boards. It's a mouthwash dispenser from Lowe's Hardware mounted on top of the matching toothbrush holder with double-sided foam tape. Very simple, built in about 5 minutes and works very well. About $35 This board gets the credit for a newbie having a good looking selection of bottles. Papa H