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  1. If you're in the US having absinthe shipped to you, avoid Keg N Bottle. I ordered two bottles from them on New Year's Eve, and I still haven't received a package from them. They don't respond to emails, and they have sent me two different tracking numbers for two different services, neither of them showing that the package has shipped. It's faster and less headache to just order from Europe. On the flipside, I ordered from Liquorama and had a great experience with them. My next order will be through them again, so I'll report back on if they're consistently reliable.
  2. Welcome to the party! Always glad to see someone else that actually likes Lucid. For all the criticism it gets, it's been one of my faves. Congrats on getting to have the drink in so many countries!
  3. A bottle of this arrived this weekend. My inner goth kid couldn't resist this one as I'd read somewhere that this is supposedly the last thing Giger worked on before he passed. This is a Swiss absinthe, 69% ABV, and was ordered from the Nether Regions err.. Netherlands. It's a light green coming out of the bottle and louches nicely into a milky white. The aroma is spicy with just a hint of licorice. Tastewise, it's strong on the anise, but has this unusual but pleasant milk-like texture and taste. The overall experience was great, and lead me to write a little something about people made out of brushstrokes. Anyone else try this that wants to share their experience?
  4. Checked out Audition last night. I was in a rare mood for gore. It wasn't that gory, which was a disappointment, but the movie itself was actually pretty good. It's about an older Japanese man that holds an audition for a new wife, and gets more than he bargained for.
  5. Looking for a replacement fountain and stumbled on these. I wouldn't want to make it my primary dispenser, but I can't deny that it appeals to my inner edgy teenage goth kid. My question for anyone that's used one is how does it end up tasting? Not just from the lack of aromatics, but from the fact that you can't really mix this one properly? It looks like you'd be sucking the undiluted absinthe from the bottom of the glass followed by absinthe-flavored sugar water. Any thoughts on this?
  6. I'm digging this whole horror renaissance that we're experiencing. Seems like it's been many years since we've had such a high-caliber selection of horror films available to us. My favorite newer movies include Hereditary, A Quiet Place, Don't Breathe, The VVitch, The Void, and It.
  7. That's a wall I'm working with now. There was a US company that would ship to Texas, but they stopped doing it. I just ordered from Germany from the first time, so we'll see how that goes.
  8. Thank you all for the welcome. Hope to stick around here for a long time and stay active.
  9. Old thread I know, but brilliant idea with the ice cube. I find my absinthes to be a bit sweet, but I throw in a sugar cube anyway because RITUAL HERESY. An ice cube is a great idea for a substitute!
  10. I'm a hundred miles away from Austin, Texas. Any other Central Texans here?
  11. Has anyone else tried this and thought it tasted like nail polish remover? Not an exaggeration either, as I used to live with an alcoholic that swapped vodka out for nail polish remover, and this is what Mata Hari tastes like to me. Was it just a bad batch, or is this stuff really supposed this disgusting? No anise, and it stained my glasses green.
  12. I'm still fairly new to absinthe, but I don't find AO objectionable. It's become a staple in my collection. It's super cheap, isn't as bad as Absente, and is nowhere near as bad as Mata Hari.
  13. Got one for you, and bear with me because I know it sounds wacky: One part absinthe, and three to four parts Mountain Dew (Mountain Dew Ice is better if available in your region) I had the idea when trying a Dirty Secret and thinking the flavor of the cola didn't mix well with the licorice. I found that Mountain Dew has a more complementary taste to absinthe. I start most fun nights and end most bad days with one of these.
  14. Hey everybody, I've been lurking for ages, but just now got myself registered. So far, this has been an excellent resource for a hobbyist like myself. I'm a Texan and had wanted to try absinthe since I was a teenager. Until this year, my only previous experience had been with Pernod, which I tried to add wormwood to. (Protip: It didn't work!) Earlier this year, I was at the liquor store with my wife shopping for rum for her (I'm not a heavy drinker, so I go like maybe once every couple years?) when I spotted a box of Absente with a slotted spoon stapled to it and a label that said "Now with wormwood!" I grabbed it without a second thought and have been questing for the good stuff since. So I guess absinthe has been legal for a while and I didn't know it? I love the taste, the smell, the aesthetics, the barware, the 'waking drunk' sensation, the artistic mystique... I write fiction and make organized noises, so the fact that so many artists of yore have indulged makes me love it so much more. I've been through every brand I can find locally (which is a surprisingly high number considering as how I'm in such a small town) and have mail ordered a few. Here's my list (and personal opinions) so far: Absente - My first. Really heavy on the licorice flavor. Absinthe Ordinaire - The cheap one available around here. Slightly corn syrupy after taste. Not as bad as Absente, so I use this as my mainstay and for experimenting with cocktails. Mata Hare - I'm not convinced that the batch I got wasn't bad somehow because no matter what I mixed it with, it tasted like nail polish remover. Pernod - Like Absente, but with a bitter aftertaste. Lucid - This one gets a lot of hate I've noticed, but it's one of my favorites. It's tame on the licorice and has this taste that reminds me of really good lady bits. Kübler - If it were cheaper, this would be a go-to for me. This one was really quite a treat. Mansinthe - I'm a pretentious goth kid at heart. I had to try it. So far, this is my fave. I love the unique taste of it. Very earthy. I've also got a bottle of Wolfsmilch on the way in the mail because again, pretentious goth kid! I do have a drip fountain, a couple absinthe glasses, and a small collection of spoons. It's a little funny because I went from borderline teetotaler to weekend wormwood warrior over the course of a couple days. So yes, love the stuff, and happy to be an amateur enthusiast.
  15. Just curious since I'm not too far from you, have you found any stores that sell any good variety of absinthe? Up here in Killeen, I have access to a surprising number of absinthes considering how small the town is, but I love trying new absinthes.