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  1. Patient Explorer

    Woo hoo, got my log-in :-)

    Amazing! Welcome, and I hope to have the pleasure of tasting your products someday soon!
  2. Patient Explorer

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Do you make your tremblement de terre 1:1 absinthe to cognac? That sounds pretty intense. Also, MasterPC, how expensive are we talking? I love a fine botanical gin. I happen to have just had one Allagash Sixteen Counties along with a cocktail containing one lime, one clementine, cachaça, tequila, triple sec, ginger syrup topped w/ grapefruit seltzer. I am feeling groovy, my dudes!
  3. Patient Explorer

    Show Us Your Stash!

    Thank you! I've noticed we have some overlap! Cheers, man!
  4. Patient Explorer

    Murmichan Scottish Verte Absinthe

    I like that bottle a lot. I may be traveling to Scotland in the fall, so i'm looking forward to this review!
  5. Patient Explorer

    Jades and water ratio

    Holy crap! I feel like I would get nothing but alcohol burn at 2:1 especially with Edouard. I have the same exact sentiments with the Terminus, I can tell its well made high quality absinthe, but overall I wasn't overly impressed by the flavor, like I was expecting to be (the finish is really where it shines). I might try your suggestion of tasting it at 1-2 when I'm feeling a little extra frisky. Thanks for this!
  6. Patient Explorer

    Show Us Your Stash!

    I love how the Absente bottle has it's back turned, like it knows it shouldn't really be there. Jade PF 1901 and Enigma Blanche are absinthes i'd love to have in my cabinet. Also, I just learned how to link an image bigger than .2MB, so here you go everybody!
  7. Patient Explorer

    Philippe Lasala Absinthe

    Firstly did you notice the black pepper smell when you open the bottle? Also, I have to agree with you on all fronts, I use it the exact same way. My final thought on this one is that it's "Absinthe Light." At proper dilution (1 to 3 for me) it will check the anise, fennel, and maybe the wormwood box. It will then scratch that itch one gets when they want a glass of absinthe without draining one of their more valuable bottles. The final louche is sudden, appropriately thick, but not opalescent. Flavor-wise it's balanced, simple, and appropriate, but the finish is nonexistent. Overall, very basic, but pleasant. A perfect starter to be able to compare your more complex offerings to.
  8. Patient Explorer

    Happy to finally be a part of this community.

    Congrats on the order! I have been leaning on Lasala pretty heavily as of late whilst trying to preserve the rest of my order until the wife can fully delve in with me.
  9. Patient Explorer


    As someone who usually isn't into gin, I really enjoy Farmer's botanical organic gin out of Minnesota. Its known botanicals are apple, coriander, hops, lavender, mint and juniper, along with some possible elderflower. It makes delicious in a gin & tonic and its subtle sweetness makes it my favorite spirit to drink neat.
  10. Patient Explorer

    Tree Spirits Absinthe Verte

    So I'm thinking of grabbing a bottle of Maine-made Tree Spirits' Absinthe Verte on a trip up there this weekend. It's made from traditional herbs (The holy trinity, petit wormwood, melissa, coriander, hyssop, and angelica) and has an apple spirit base which I find pretty interesting. Has anybody tried it or heard anything about it? If not, I'll be sure to let everybody know my thoughts and write a review regardless.
  11. Patient Explorer

    Jade Blanchette

    A 1L bottle of Blanchette would be amazing. At first, I found this absinthe to be a little too subtle and delicate for my tastes, but after getting through a whole bottle, I really learned to appreciate how well balanced and easy to drink it is. Definitely something I will always try to keep in stock.
  12. Patient Explorer

    Show Us Your Stash!

    This is what I have at the moment: https://imgur.com/bVy5ueF Empties: La Fee Verte, Vieux Carre
  13. Patient Explorer

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Cajun Magic, thank you for the follow-up! That sounds great! I've been looking for a nice Anis for my bar. I'll make sure I grab a bottle of this once I get a chance to visit the big easy sometime in the not too distant future, as I don't think i'd be able to grab it anywhere nearby. I really need to go to New Orleans for an assortment of reasons.
  14. Patient Explorer


    In Boston proper I can recommend Blanchard's in Allston/Brighton. I picked up a bottle of Vieux Carre there and they seem like the type of folks to order things if you request them. I can also highly recommend Yankee Spirits in Swansea as they carry La Clandestine, Butterfly, St. George, La Muse Verte, Pernod, Kübler, and Lucid. They also have a location in Norwood that I haven't been to, but its a shorter trip from the city and would be worth exploring if anybody gets the chance.
  15. Patient Explorer

    Major grudge-holding (maybe a bit too major?)

    Cut it out. Swiss absinthe is excellent, and that naming push is dead and gone/irrelevant. Go try some, be free! Life is too short to not enjoy the things that we can and should.