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  1. absinthiac

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Noilly Prat in the fridge, I dont drink martinis out, only home made, always disappointed with restaurant martinis, sometime give one made with vodka and another time, calamari olives were tossed in the bottom of the glass, not even on a tooth pick! Going out with friends, they say, no martinis, I say, they dont have Absinthe, give me a Sam Adams!
  2. absinthiac

    Old dirt on an old bottle

    Thanks for the link, waiting for approval.
  3. absinthiac

    Old dirt on an old bottle

    Thanks for the replies, for a few reasons, a glass enclosure is impractical, thats why I was asking for opinions as to polyurethane. Is it not advisable?
  4. absinthiac

    Where to buy?

    Absinthe dot com, Alandia dot com, both over seas, delivery takes time, worth it.
  5. absinthiac

    Old dirt on an old bottle

    I have an old Absinthe bottle from pre ban, empty of course, it has a decent label and foil around the neck, it also has a lot of "original" dirt as it was sold as uncleaned. I would like to display this bottle along with other Absinthe antiques, my concern is the "new" dust that will accumulate, it cant be cleaned without damaging the "old" dirt which I want to preserve. I was thinking of spraying the bottle with polyurethane to protect the label and old dirt. Any thoughts....be nice! Thanks
  6. absinthiac

    Fennel, what does fennel....taste like?

    Thanks Selmac, In another life, I grew wormwood, I remember it was aromatic, I'll try to buy a jar of fennel and wormwood, give it the smell test!
  7. So I'm trying to discover the taste of the basic ingredients of Absinthe. I can spot the Green Anise, as that's the, (hate to say it), licorice flavor, the Grand Wormwood accounts for the bitterness. I can't say that I have tasted fennel and have no idea what it tastes like or what I should be looking for. I would appreciate, if someone could put into words what Fennel tastes like. Thanks for any opinions offered.
  8. absinthiac

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Looking forward to the first tasting of Pernod Absinthe Superieure!
  9. absinthiac

    What ya drinking tonight?

    Third tasting, Jade 1901, 1:5, 3 cubes, think I found my sweet spot! Yes, this is nice!
  10. absinthiac


    You're right!... But I like my version better!
  11. absinthiac


    I enjoy a cigar after dinner, really liking Drew Estate Java Latte and Absinthe a little later. May be they don't go together, but what do they say, "Do what ya like and like what ya do", or something like that, and I'm really liking my Absinthe and smokes!
  12. I have a bottle of Gustave 72%, haven't opened it yet, waiting for an occasion! Didnt want the barrel aged, sounded to much like whiskey.
  13. absinthiac

    Eichelberger Line of Absinthes

    I have a bottle of Eichelberger 83.2, not too expensive compared to my other bottles, bought it for the highest ABV content, haven't tasted it yet, waiting for a friend.
  14. absinthiac


    New to cigars, in the midst of trying to find the right daily smoke, I came across the Acid Blondie, I bought two as I usually do, to get a second impression.... Ya I'm sure of it, they're disgustingly sweet, looking for a mellow corona, java, chocolate flavor, something hopefully to enjoy with my Absinthe....but I think the two clash over tasting experiences.
  15. absinthiac

    Your first experiences with absinthe?

    Aside from my introduction, my first experience with Absinthe was when I saw it in a liquor store, took it home and ordered proper Absinthe serving utensils and waited for them to arrive, when they did, I had my first taste and realized there was much more to Absinthe than getting drunk, after reading about Absinthe, I can say I was drawn by the subtleties of flavor, nuances of color, I was fascinated how the louche colors and taste would vary with differing amounts of water and sugar, each drink was its own creation, I enjoy the differences between brands and styles the history and romance and of course the collectibles! To me, Absinthe has become a hobby I look forward to after dinner.