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  1. Haha. Nope. Now that I've found a way of drinking absinthe that appeals to me, there's no need for me to post in this manner. Can't say that I appreciate your patronizing tone, but I'll live (if for no other reason than to enjoy another glass).
  2. Haha. Actually, that's what I used before seltzer. When I said tap, I just bunched all the non-bubble types of water into one.
  3. I do use tap water. My well reaches 960 feet through rock and clay to a mineral water reservoir that lends itself very well to absinthe. It is also a great start to a chocolate brown ale. At 960 feet, not even bear pee can reach it. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Amazing.
  4. Wow, your absinthe has to much texture? Most of strive for a thick mouth feel and high herbal content. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I like the high herbal content, just not the thick mouth feel.
  5. Wow. Wow. I had 3 glasses in one sitting. No sugar. Seltzer instead of tap. Now, I know that many of you prefer your absinthe with tap. Seltzer, however, has that very crisp texture. The problem I was having enjoying my absinthe, I realized, had to do with its thick texture. By adding seltzer water instead of tap, I was able to thin the texture, giving it a more crisp taste. It was going down much more smoothly and I still got to enjoy everything else that absinthe has to offer. Also, I don't know what it was, but it seemed to take much longer to warm-up, solving yet another problem for me. I have yet to perfect the ritual itself, as it takes me no more than a minute, I'd wager, to drip. I'll continue working on that. I'm very happy that I grew to enjoy this drink. Kudos to ya'll for the advice, the warnings, and the encouragement. One last thing... I have yet to experience the effect of absinthe as ya'll have described it (pleasant alcohol intoxication accompanied by a lively mental clarity and uplifted mood). Don't get me wrong, the "pleasant alcohol intoxication" was very much experienced, but not that last part. Maybe, I just missed it. What should I look for?
  6. Well, the second taste was much better. I didn't use sugar so it wasn't as sweet, and I froze a water bottle in the freezer and used it to drip, which made for a much cooler drink and a much more controlled drip. I'm still not sure about the taste but I'll stay on it. After all, I did spend $100. Haha. This maybe a silly question the answer to which I may have missed in the FAQ but... how do ya'll feel about using seltzer water instead of tap for mixing with absinthe? I enjoy seltzer water on a daily basis and I think it might add some bite to the drink. I won't try it if ya'll advise against it.
  7. Wow. I don't sweeten my coffee or tea, though I do like to eat raisins and other dried fruit with my tea. No sugar, then. Thanks. Haha. I thought about it! That's what I'll do, then. Cool. I'm glad I'm not as klutzy as I thought.
  8. Ok. I had my first glass of absinthe... When I opened the bottle, I jacked up the cork because I'm not good at such things. It's ok, though. I just used the larger of the two pieces to plug the bottle up again. I loved the aroma of the absinthe very much. It smells like candy (I'm sure that it smells like so much more to ya'll... but this was my first glass). I know that it contains anise and is supposed to smell and taste like black licorice. I made quite a few mistakes: 1) I disregarded good advice and didn't try pouring water into an empty glass first. As such, my drip was rapid and unorganized; the water often dropped onto the absinthe in large quantities. Still, I would pause between each attempt to smell the absinthe. The aroma was nice, though, naturally, it wasn't as strong as it was when I smelled it in the bottle and I would need to do it quite a bit more to actually discern the different herbs. 2) I took iced water to mean "water with ice in it." I was wrong. I should have frozen the water and let it slowly melt, as my absinthe became warm very quickly. 3) I didn't have sugar tablets and used squares instead. The squares didn't dissolve and quite a bit of sugar is in my glass now. Overall, the experience was, if anything, interesting. I do plan to try again and will let ya'll know how my second try goes. Any advice is welcome, as I really want to grow to enjoy this drink. Next time, I will fill the glass with frozen water only half way for a more controlled drip. Also, I will used only one sugar cube to minimize the sweetness, as it was too sweet for me. I will be sharing the absinthe with my friends this weekend. We'll see how that goes.
  9. Howdy? Just wanted to let ya'll know that I received my Jade Suisse Verte a few minutes ago. I'll be taking my first sip later tonight (following the traditional ritual, of course; don't worry... no fire) and will update ya'll in this thread. Exciting, isn't it? Haha. By the way, I seem to be having trouble breaking the seal to open the bottle... any tips?
  10. The same happened to me. I wanted the Jade Edouard to be my first absinthe but, as it was out of stock until early March, had to go with the Jade Suisse Verte instead. Ah well, still enthusiastic.
  11. Thanks all for the warm greeting. I hope ya'll don't mind me asking... what is the median age of folks on these forums? I am 23.