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  1. Yes, that's exactly where I found it! So, I was just wondering how appropriate/relevant. Thoughts appreciated!
  2. Hello all, I've always been fascinated by absinthe, in part because I grew up in a house where my parents served Arak to friends on special occasions. As such, anise based drinks have always been a fascination, such as Ouzo, Raki, Sambucca, etc. I'm sure there is a world of difference in the subtleties of these drinks, hence the journey begins here, on this site. I like to categorize things and I wasn't sure if there was a simple categorization among the different absinthe drinks on the market. However, I recently came across the categorization below. I do like the simplicity, however, I'm always a little worried when things are simplified. Nevertheless, it does seem like a simple way to get started on this journey. Appreciate any thoughts on the utility of this grid and whether is is completely erroneous or perhaps a useful tool to get started. I am particularly interested in the axes of this grid and their respective labels. Many thanks. Dave