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  1. I think after she was allowed back into the states, The Green Fairy was a little more careful who she whispered her secrets to.
  2. My first bottle was "Absente" about 3 years ago, and I thought I really had something special. There's no worse feeling than realizing you've been fooled.
  3. Hi Everybody, My name is Tom, and I've been chasing the Green Fairy for about 3 years now. I'm currently I'm working on a bottle of Jade PF 1901, but Pacifique is what I'm usually drinking (I found a place that has both on the shelf). My hands down favorite is L'Amere 72. I've had my Absinthe heart broken by Absente, Mata Hari, St. George, and some others along the way. Fun Fact: My French isn't any good, and I can't remember a proper toast phrase. So I say the only thing in French I can always remember L'enfaunt e' rische "The baby is rich" Luscious Oily Lesbians!.