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  1. Congratulations! Your first? P.S. Better ship you absinthe to me, to rid yourself of the temptation.
  2. My first bottle of Absinthe arrived (Clandestine la Bleue), and I had a drink last night. I am having a difficult time pinpointing the flavors I tasted. The main, "up front" flavour is anise, but the finish . . . It was strange to my palate. Earthy? How do others experience and describe the finish of Clandestine?
  3. Welcome. I once had a drink at the Smoky Tavern in Asheville, during a grad school bender/road trip (mid-80s?). They had salt shakers on the counter, for salting the beer. I didn't think much of the taste. Is the bar still around? It was a dive.
  4. For what little it's worth, with wine it's also important to have enough humidity to keep the cork moist from the outside; otherwise it rots from the top down. That's not much of a problem in the Pacific Northwest, or maybe even Boston, but it is in New Mexico. I suppose the same would be true for Absinthe bottles. I doubt my Absinthe will last long enough for it to be a problem, though.
  5. Welcome to the forum. I am an old hand compared to you; I joined on the 11th! And I agree that a picture of a weasel (ferret? stoat?) is confusing with a moniker like ragingpanda. P.S. I am 47, but there seem to be a few youngsters around. P.P.S. But not too many people who begin posts with "So, OK" or "Like." Which is good.
  6. Thanks everyone. A nice and interesting group.. Theatre 73, I'll let you know if you can have the rest of my bottle. Not likely.
  7. Say, where is Cows Bell, Montana? How did you arrive there? Are you the only absinthe drinker in town?
  8. I bought the Clandestine 53 La Bleue, based on a quick review of the information in the Wormwood society web site, as well as a replica "Fleches" absinthe spoon. More paraphernalia to come, I suppose. Where do people like to buy their glasses?
  9. Greetings, everyone, from Albuquerque. I like what you all have put together for your society and your forums (fora?). By any chance, is there anyone out there who lives in New Mexico? I have ordered a bottle of Absinthe from the London distributor, as well as a spoon; it's a start, but I will be appropriately deferential of the more experienced members (that would be everybody, I suppose), at least for the time being. Time to wake up my wife and daughter. I am glad to join up.