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  1. Netflix show, Babylon Berlin (post-WWI Berlin) episode 6 has a brief absinthe scene between a police inspector and a working girl in the bowels of a dance hall. Glass fountain, spoons & sugar...a nice if too brief touch. Interesting show - in German with subtitles.
  2. A quick 'howdy' to introduce myself to the forum! I'm Carl and I live in NW Austin, TX - having moved here a few years back from Dallas. I discovered The Wormwood Society by accident. I was primarily interested in making a Chrysanthemum cocktail. Color me surprised to discover not only that absinthe is legal, but that it is also being made here in the U.S. of A. - all this from a quick read from The Wormwood Society website! I bought a bottle of Leopold Bros. Absinthe Verte based on reviews I found here and have since made some great Chrysanthemum cocktails! I've been interested in the 'lore' of absinthe for sometime, but was put off by the 'lurid' tales surrounding it; well, more by its not being legally available. Since I go to New Orleans regularly, I've been to the various iterations of the Old Absinthe House and wondered at the paraphernalia and romance of that former era. I have two replica Pontarlier reservoir glasses, a spoon, and a balancier on the way and I look forward to the exploration, education, and adventure that awaits! Cheers!