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  1. Thank you all so very much. Your wishes are much appreciated. Alas your warning reached me too late. I'm only just starting to recover.
  2. At the risk of well and truly put in my place, when it come to beer wars i have one word for you: XXXX or 4X or Fourex (Yes, its a beer) I realize among Americans Fourex is something else entirely and slogans like "I can feel a Fourex coming on" and "Make it a Fourex, Mate" can seem bizarre even risible, but that does not alter the fact that it's a bloody good beer, end of story.
  3. Green fairy takes off again http://www.couriermail.news.com.au/story/0...1-23272,00.html Why do we bother? Just more of the same, and its all old news. It gets a little bit right and then so much wrong; and the tone is provocative. Why mention Heroin? Yes, I know, so the readers can gasp in horror and get their daily thrill over their cornflakes
  4. I would like to tender an apology for any offence caused by my recalcitrance, intractability and, I admit it, sheer bloody mindedness. Once an idea, however wrong headed, get lodged in my tiny mind it can take dynamite to shift it. I should listen to my betters. After all you've made all the mistakes so I don't have to. You've already saved me from myself several time. I shudder to recall that it wasn't that long ago I thought burning absinthe was a cool idea. So, Sorry guys, lets have drink and kiss and make up.
  5. Been there, done that, just the once. Going straight for the best is all well and good, and no doubt works admiarbly for a lot of people. I'd like to be able to appreciate the Bleu and Edouard when I have them on many levels. Not just ..."Mmmm, nice" After all I'm not talking about Czech swill here, I've been spared that indignity, but respected mid-range specimens so I can apreciate the nuances and subtlties before I subject myself to a blisskrieg.
  6. Brooks, it will probably be some time before I work my way up to the Bleu Clandestine of Edouard. I see myself working my way up the league table, so to speak. Certainly something to look forward to, I should by them now and lay them down for a special occassion (My 50th birthday perhaps). At the moment of course it would be disrepectful to the absinthe with my unsopisticated palate and all.
  7. At last, I've had my first taste of Absinthe and I'm going to share the experience with you. You lucky devils A few things I ask you to bear in mind; this is my first time; I've probably done everything wrong and I have no idea what I'm talking about. So please be kind to my mistakes. I received a mignonette (3 cl.) of the Lemercier 45% as a free gift when I ordered an Absinthe spoon and glass from a local supplier Alexamo Pty Ltd. http://www.abisinthe.com.au/. I assume it is a decent brand because according to the brochure it won the Cuillere D'Argent at the 2003 Absinthiades, though for all that means to me it might as well be Best in Show at Krufts. But, on with the motley. I measured out two parsimonious doses, as I wanted to compare with sugar and without. The colour was clear with perhaps the faintest tinge of yellowy green. The aroma was medicinal but not unpleasant. The louche was immediate and substantial. The taste was subtle (perhaps to much water), anise and something else lurking behind it (I confess to an uneducated, but I hope not eneducable, palate), not unpleasant but not interesting. 2nd dose, with sugar, no louche, don't know what I did wrong. Taste, more complex as if the sugar brought out the flavour. I don't know what I was tasting but I liked it. Definitely worth a return visit. That night he green fairy visited me in my dreams, but that was most likely purely a result of my aberrant psychology
  8. I've just returned from a few days in my old stomping ground of Brisbane and would like to share with you an incident from my trip. Myself and a companion were at the Breakfast Creek Hotel, famous for being haunted and serving XXXX off the wood. After downing a few- more than a few actually, in fact I think we were pretty far gone because we both thought it was hilarious when I said "If we don't see the ghosts at least we'll have seen the spirits"- we discussed what we drink when we're not drinking "Queenslands favourite beer" I mentioned that I hoped in the near future to be drinking Absinthe, at this my companion quite animated and assured me I was in for the time of my life. Some months previously while in Sydney she had been taken to a seedy and dimly lit bar where she had tasted absinthe for the first and only time (she had assumed it was available only through a semi-criminal underclass, and was pleasantly surprised when I told her it was available quite openly). She found the experience mind-blowing and credits it with best sex she has had in over twenty years Knowing the answer I asked how it had been served, and sure enough it was a variant of the Czech ritual but with a lemon wedge added which I haven't heard of before. Her guide, a young gentleman of Polish extraction, assured her that this was the Traditional One True Right and Only way to serve Absinthe. I of course leapt into action to disabuse her of this notion. First telling her that Czech Absinthe is "not highly regarded among connoisseurs" and explained to her the "beauteous mystery of the louch". She, God love her, is one of the few people on the planet who actually believes my opinion count for something. So there you have it. Changing the world one person at a time. ************************************************** By the by, is it true that, to you Americans, the phrase "Make it a Fourex, Mate" means something totally different than it means here in Aus.?
  9. Take a deep breath and a stiff drink before you check out this site. If you've not seen it before consider yourself lucky. I don't know whether to hang my head and weep of gnash my teeth to powder. http://www.absinth.com.au
  10. I suppose I ought to introduce myself before I'm irrevocably branded as the sad git who came to the party then sat all alone in the corner. I'm currently an Absinthe virgin, and from what I've read it seems that waiting was the right choice. I can avoid so many of the mistakes I would have made had I leapt straight in. I've been scraping the money together to order a selection of medium to good quality brands but something always comes along and I end up wasting my cash on trivialities like food and rent. My interest in Absinthe began in the later half of the 1990's, Y2K panic and the coming collapse of civilization as we knew it caused me to recall the fin de siecle decadents--my banner was "We shall make love among the ruins, Drink Absinthe and smoke opium". Needless to say, much to my chagrin, the world continued on as always. Resigned to the fact that, as far as I knew, Absinthe was pretty much unobtainable and downright dangerous-- it would send me mad, put me in a coma, trigger grande mal seizures. I spent my time yearning wishing I'd been born a hundred years ago. It was while reading a British magazine "The Fortean Times" in 2004 that I saw ads for La Fee absinthe (available at Tesco's, of all places, sort of ruins the mystique). Interest rekindled I made some inquiries my local bottle shop was dead end. (Huh? Absinthe? Never heard of it). So I check out the Internet and lo and behold I'm spoilt for a choice. Time for a little research. And so I find myself here on the threshold of what will prove to be one of lifes great adventures.