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  1. I'm a big fan of pastis. The best I've had is Henri Bardouin, which has a lot more floral and complex flavor than the classic Ricard. I go through 3 - 4 bottles of HB per year, actually. For simpler pastis I tend to prefer Berger to Ricard, though the difference is minor. I enjoy the flavor of arak but all the kinds I have tried give me a wicked headache very quickly, so I tend to stay clear.
  2. Hi Everyone! My name is Jason, I live in Montreal but am originally from Rochester, NY. I've also spent a few years in Buffalo and Boston. I just joined this forum to discover new absinthes, and learn more about them generally. I had my first one early last year and immediately fell in love. My wife and I have since amassed a small collection, mostly consisting of local stuff and a few imports. As a rule we don't purchase anything with food coloring. In Quebec we are blessed to have lots of excellent local distilleries, and lots of cheap imports from France. I don't feel confident enough yet to submit reviews, but I do tend to prefer greens over blues (I like complex flavors in my spirits). What we have so far: Le Coq Vert (France) Joual Vert (my favorite so far) Fleur Bleue (both from QC - https://www.absinthequebec.com/ Apparently "joual vert" is a hilarious pun to locals but I don't really get it.) Mansinthe (a white, by Marilyn Manson; the taste is better than the pun!) La Courailleuse (Distillerie Fils du Roy, New Brunswick. A blue, and my wife's favorite) Absente, from Distilleries et Domains de Provence. (This is a cheap one and isn't very good.) Absinthe Blanche, from La Maison du Pastis in Marseille, France. This was the first one we tried. I'm also a big pastis fan, and have a lot strong feelings about the best ones to get. Anyway, if anyone has any questions about the local stuff feel free to ask. I'm looking forward to plumbing this site's depths and getting to know the community better!