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  1. I appreciate the thorough welcoming, everyone! My business is called Oracle's Oddities, and I work out of Wallingford (though the business is operated solely online for the time being). I do get to travel around New England a fair amount though, in search for unusual antiques to add to the collection. I'm exceedingly pleased to hear about the larger gap in relationship between ragweed and wormwood, as well. I admittedly thought they were quite close, and that I wouldn't be able to imbibe due to something as lackluster as a seasonal allergy. It does make a fair bit of sense as well that the pollen wouldn't be in the spirits. I'm actually not sure why I didn't think of that myself, but then again, that's why I'm here! I'll be sifting through the forums a fair bit. Thanks again for the warm welcome, guys!
  2. Good evening, all. My name is Dante. I'm 24-years-old, and currently residing in Connecticut. I own an antiques & oddities business, thoroughly enjoy rum, and spend a fair deal of time with oil painting. I am entirely new to absinthe, though it has been on my 'to do list" for quite some time, and it's very important to me that I try it if I am able to. I have a myriad of questions regarding where to even begin (though I'm sure some of those questions will be answered, the further through the forums I dig). It was my assumption that joining a group such as this would allow me to refine my knowledge of absinthe, and be better equipped to start trying the spirits. Just yesterday I went for an allergy panel blood test, which I'm currently waiting on the results of. I've heard various sources state that those with seasonal allergies could potentially carry an allergy to ragweed, which would make consuming absinthe unwise. If I'm incorrect here, by all means let me know. Hopefully when the results get back to me in a few days, I can begin delving first-hand into the exciting world that absinthe seems to offer. I look forward to reading into the forum topics that you've all amassed. Rev. Dante