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  1. Yes I did enjoy the Mansinthe. Thank you for the wesites.
  2. Which site should I uses to order them?
  3. Does anyone have any Recommendations for the next absinthe that I could try?
  4. what is your opinion on St. George Absinthe Verte?
  5. Thank you for the advise on some beginner absinthe. I just ordered the Mansinthe and I'm hopefully I'll get it before this Saturday.
  6. The bottle came in the mail two weeks ago and I had a couple drinks from the bottle for the last two weeks. When I did the ritual, there was no louche and there was a strong taste and smell of black licorice. The absinthe is really hard to drink and takes me an hour or so to finish one glass. What are some good beginner absinthe I could try and what websites can I order them from?
  7. I found this forum after I bought the absinthe and wanted to know what people on here thought of the absinthe.
  8. It's the name of the absinthe I bought.
  9. Just bought my first bottle of absinthe a week ago and waiting for it to come in. Does anyone have any opinions on the absinthe antitoxin?