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  1. I really enjoy listening to music straight out of the days of the Belle Epoque when I am pouring absinthe. It seems like Ravel and Debussy act like a time machine to transport back to the days pre-ban
  2. I just recently visited a bar in New York that is seemed to be rather known for absinthe. While I was sitting at the bar, two different groups, totaling at least a couple dozen people came in and asked for absinthe, and this is what they were given. Sad! The bartender said it was the cheapest and easiest to drink, and they went for it. The price is appealing, but all of these other factors, no way!
  3. Hi Guys- I'm new around here, and only a few bottles into absinthe. I'm glad to have found the green fairy and this forum! I have enjoyed a few bottles of Pernod and a bit of St. George's so far. I have a very limited local selection. My main question is: What is your opinion on the current Pernod Absinthe and how does it stack up to other absinthe that you have tried? It seems that many reviews online refer to either the non-absinthe Pernod, or an earlier version that they released that was not really absinthe. Compared to the St. George, I do tend to prefer the Pernod. There is just some sort of "je ne sais quoi" about it that seems to make it more special. Although- it does seem to be quite a bit sweeter. I do not do sugar with it. I did just try the St. George with a super cube, and it changes the game for me. I do like that one with sugar. Just some thoughts- thanks for looking this over and I look forward to hearing from you! Pat