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First and foremost I'm a husband and father. My wife of 25 years and I have three sons who all spent some time in Scouting hence my profile name. I'm lucky in that my wife is supportive of my eccentric and mad scientist ways :) I tend to be fearless when it comes to trying to fix stuff and sometimes get myself into trouble because of it :)


My first absinthe was Lucid in 2007. Since then I've tried around twenty different ones and liked most of them. I keep around a dozen bottles at the house at any given time. I generally prefer drinking it without sugar although there's a German one I "cheat" and add some.


I have been making mead and wine as a hobby since 2014 and have twenty 6-12 gallon batches under my belt. The more recent ones are much better than my first several and I've had some very positive feedback from friends and family. I'm constantly learning in this space.


Thanks for reading!