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  1. Loving Vincent - animated movie about van Gogh, 65 000 hand-painted frames and music by Clint Mansell, amazing! I waited two years for this movie. Unfortunately, characters drink only wine and vodka, I didn't see absinthe
  2. Yes, Apsinthion is awful fauxinthe. Polish market is similar to Czech (a lot of strong, artificial coloured vodka called "absinthe) with one huge difference - we don't have our Zufanek Now Copernicus try to fill this blank space.
  3. This is probably the first traditional absinthe distilled in Poland (in a small craft distillery from Nieszawa). I had an occasion to taste their absinthe and I'm very glad, that someone in my country made this spirit in the traditional way Name: Absynt {Artemisia absinthium} Style: Verte Degrees ABV (% alcohol): 60% Year of Make: 2016 Country of Origin: Poland Distillery: Manufaktura Alkoholi Gatunkowych "Copernicus" Below some of my impressions about this absinthe. 1. Appearance: 4 Natural, olive hue with acceptable depth (a little pale). Good clarity, no haze or sediment. 2. Louche: 4 Very nice, rich, but not too milky, nice opalescent. 3. Aroma: 3 Before water is quite strange, smells too much alcohol, herbal aromas hard to define, mainly anise. Much better after adding water – mild, still dominated by anise, but the rest of ingredients appears in smell too (fennel, wormwood, hysop). 4. Flavor and mouthfeel: 3 Not very bitter, smooth, a little poor flavor. Left slight tongue-numbing effect. 5. Finish: 2 Fast receding taste, short numbing effect. Overall rate: 3 Nice color and really charming louche are great, but I'm a little disappointed by the flavor and aroma (correct, but too poor in my opinion). I think it was the first batch, so I believe, that next parts will be better.
  4. Next vintage spoon in my set - Losanges 3 (Wiskemann)
  5. Have you ever seen the "absinthe" glasses like these? I'm not entirely convinced
  6. Absinthe Bourgeois from Emile Pernot Unfortunately, cat doesn't like it and I can't reproduce the poster
  7. St. Antoine again - in my church of pleasure
  8. My first antique absinthe spoon! Les Trous 25
  9. I'm searching for Marie-Claude Delahaye "Les cuillères" electronic version - was it ever published as ebook? As I can see, it's difficult to find it even as paper book
  10. Martin Žufánek posted on his Facebook, that new batch of Mead Base will be available at the beginning of the next year