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  1. Artificial coloring? Gross! This absinthe should be classified as a novelty absinthe. So pointless, as you put it.
  2. Great to hear! I'll defiantly try the lucid soon. I'm so glad I got all your advic, I was about to go with the grande. But like Cajun rudeboy said I think I'd stick to the jades as my "go to", for now. I recently ordered vieux Pontarlier from the emile pernot distillery, whitch I am highly anticipating. I haven't tried many absinthes (yet) but defiantly want to only get quality spirits, obviously . and price is not a defining factor
  3. At my local spirit shops these are the only 2 absinthes they have, i have never tried any of these and I heard terrible things about lucid from a friend. Which one is better quality? I've only tried 2 different absinthes, and I order all these online; jade 1901 and jade Eduardo. And I know they can't compete with the jades, but it would be nice sometimes to just go out and buy a bottle, instead of waiting for delivery. But if their too shitty in quality I would't waste my time, but am willing to settle for an "ok" absinthe
  4. That's for the advice. I was just curious, mostly because I was just recently reading that storing absinthe in "excessive" temperatures will cause the spirit's quality to degrade. Just wanted to be sure. Especially since I been wanting to try this specific absinthe for awhile. Also good point about the shipping environmental conditions, I'm sure there less then ideal.
  5. beauitful carafe. Looks similar to a carafe I have that's an authentic Victorian (absinthe) era antique from France. Actually almost spot on with the style of the numbers compared to my water carafe. I am an avid collector of anything vintage (pre 1905) absinthe related items, so I'm a nerd when it comes to absinthe antiques. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Just wanted to drop in and say hi to everyone. it's great to be a member of the wormwood society. I'm a absinthe enthusiast, and am an absinthe antique collector. I been lurking around the forums for some time and glad I finally joined, have a great day everybody!
  7. Going away on business soon, and I have a bottle of Vieux Pontarlier coming in while I'll be gone, and I'm going to have my girlfriend put it away in a cupboard. I have a temp/RH gauge in there, and it's in the 75-78f range, mostly 76f. And at 50%-70% humidity. Is this environment ideal for keeping my absinthe from getting bitter, and/or degrading the quality in any way? I read somewhere that that room temp is good for storage, but does this qualify as room temp? Also It would be stored for there for 3 weeks before opening. Any advice would be great, I would hate to ruin a good bottle of absinthe.