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  1. They must of done a great job. Last preview i saw of those two, one of them was puking behind a tree
  2. I tried laphroaig 18 yr slightly before i found my love of absinthe . The best way i could describe it was sucking on a burnt stick soaked in alcohol . It was terrible . I'd be interested to see if i still hate it as much now that i do enjoy a drink. If you love smokiness i havent experienced a stronger smoke smell and taste in any drink before or after it .
  3. Enjoying a glass of La Clandestine 1935 Barrel Aged this eve .
  4. Thanks for all the welcomes and hello's folks
  5. Wife and i split a glass of Butterfly and finished with a glass of La Grenouille .
  6. After a long day in the sun staining boards and putting up trim in the cottage, i poured my first glass of Nirvana Cuvee Prestige .
  7. I picked up a few bottles to be sure i could try it before it disappears. Shame it's been discontinued. I would definitely keep this in my cabinet and doubt i will have the restraint to not consume both bottles. Think a few more bottles may make their way onto my next order to hide away.
  8. Hello everyone after receiving a PM from a friendly member i have decided to stop lurking and introduce myself. First off i will say i refrained from posting since my grammar can be poor and i know chat speak, run on sentences etc are frowned upon here . I will try my best to put forth some effort when composing my posts but be warned there will be slips . I only recently discovered absinthe (6 months ago roughly) and in my search for education i naturally landed here . I purchased my first bottle from a local distillery here on Prince Edward Island in Canada, after a 20 yr hiatus from alcohol. Now you may ask why would you decide out of the blue after 20 yrs of abstinence to try absinthe as a toe back in the water . First off, i was impressed someone local to me had a distillery and had taken a chance to produce something somewhat taboo. Keep in mind PEI is a very reserved place . Secondly, since i was a little tyke i have had a real addiction to the small black jawbreakers with the aniseed in the center. I called the owner on a whim one day in the middle of winter when his distillery is normally closed to the public to inquire about where i could purchase his absinthe but instead of telling me to call or come when he was open for tours he invited me to see his distillery. Naturally after his kindness of opening his doors and taking me thru to give me a small lesson on distilling and show me how and exactly with what he used to create his first absinthe i felt obligated to purchase a few bottles if for nothing else to be polite and possibly have a rare gift for one of my many friends that still drank. When i took the bottle home i knew little about absinthe but was told by the distiller the traditional way to prepare it . Being so long since i had a drink last the idea of drinking something that was 75 percent alcohol even if watered down 3:1 or more did not seem very appealing(whiskey and water would make me gag) so i decided i would mix it with something . That something ended up being a Jones green apple soda and i immediately fell in love with the anise and wormwood flavors . Before anyone tries to lynch me, I have since learned to enjoy it the traditional way and without sugar no less . I do still enjoy a shot of François Guy in a glass of green apple soda if i want something sweet and easy to drink though. I may have gone a bit absinthe crazy as of late purchasing bottles weekly. I have tried a total of 20-25 varieties mostly vertes.My favorites seem to change regularly. I look forward to sharing experiences and learning more about absinthe .I could ramble on for a few more paragraphs but i will cut this somewhat short and thank you all for having me here. P.S Thanks for the PM Cajun it was the push i needed to jump in Louchebag