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  1. does seem pretty crazy that purchasing from europe is a better option than anywhere in the US, for US customers, doesn't it? sad about your trouble with the shipments, hopefully you either get your booze or your money back. i've been thinking lately that a website that had kind of a database, showing all the places that ship absinthe in the US, their shipping fees, and what brands they have and for what prices (and any deals), also showing which states they ship to, might be a pretty badass resource. probably nothing in it for anyone to do that though.
  2. the murmichan label kind of reminds me of the mt defiance one (not super similar but similar-ish). both nice labels. haven't been really interested in blanches lately though.
  3. like i said, i'm already really aware of my own preferences, which have been pretty constant for around 10 years of drinking absinthe. also like i've already said, there have only been a couple of brands that i actually maximized enjoyment with after going up to maybe ~4:1. the point is that i find i have to go even lower than usual with the jades. now, i understand that everyone is different. what i'm asking is if anyone else has the same experience, regardless of what their typical preferred ratios are- that they find they water the jades less than they do most other brands. no offense but your post didn't really address anything i said and seems to have kind of assumed i'm a beginner and don't know how to find preferences even though my post established that i've known them since i started drinking this stuff, 10yrs ago. i guess to maybe make it a little more clear, i never thought to go lower than my usual ratio with the jades, because i'm aware that my usual ratio is already apparently considered on the low side (again, maybe around 2.5-3:1). so going lower just seemed crazy. but it actually worked out when i finally tried. it probably was close to 1.5:1, 2:1 at most. wouldn't that be considered really low?
  4. i've been drinking absinthe, not heavily or too often, but with some consistency, for about 11yrs now. i've tried somewhere around 25 labels, domestic and european. only about 2yrs ago did i finally try a jade. i wasn't going to spend $100 or more on a bottle. i think i got a 700ml bottle of Terminus for around $72 and free shipping in a larger order (absinthes.com). anyway, i've never been super impressed by it and was kind of disappointed. it's OK. i CAN taste the quality in the herbs, and everything, but it seems that nothing about the flavor ever really stood out for me or was very bold or intense in any way. then several months ago i got a sampler pack of the other 4 jades from absinthes.de, while they still had free shipping, and for a pretty good price. pretty much the same experience with those! the NO is probably my favorite. i was trying to compare them, and couldn't even find much of a difference between all but the NO and maybe the terminus, and i think the 1898 which is probably my least favorite (but still ok). THEN i had the idea to use less water to get a stronger flavor. so the thing is, i'm usually probably already leaning towards what most people would consider fairly low water ratios. i started with walton waters and MoL way back, and probably enjoy those and most (but not all) absinthes at maybe somewhere around 2.5 to 3:1. a few i'll go up to ~4. so in the end i think i was going with maybe around 1.5-2:1 (which seems kind of crazy), and then i actually finally enjoyed the drink(s). i could taste the flavors, they weren't so murky or watered down or just plain thin tasting. it actually tasted like a nice, high quality abisnthe. am i the only one who feels the jade line needs lower ratios to really shine? i don't think i've ever seen this said about them. but it's what i find across the whole line.
  5. going down to 30% seems just as crazy to me as going up to 95. the absinthes i've had that were around 90 to 100 proof seemed pretty lacking in flavor and 'bite' already.
  6. i'm not trying to rudely make unfair comparisons here. i'm fully aware that running a site like this can be thankless, as well as the review section, and it's been in place for over 10yrs now. if it's not worth the trouble then i get why it's kind of being let go (seems like). so i'm not really sure why i should go into this, but when i say format i'm mainly talking about the fact that the review section here is maybe a little outdated/clunky and feels like an add on section to a 10+yr old forum. which is exactly what it is. but again, i'm thankful it's been around as long as it has and wish it would come back even as it was. but here's one random example. actually it's not random, it's the first thing that comes up if you type 'rum reviews' into google (for me anyway). https://www.rumratings.com/brands so when i'm comparing format i'm saying, first off, and again this is imo, it looks about 10x nicer. but it's using a more modern, probably a wordpress theme or whatever. WS is over 10yrs old, and looks it. rumratings is about 5yrs old, and looks it. the review section here really feels like an add on to a forum/info site. rumratings looks like a nice modern website dedicated solely to allowing anyone to review rum. but maybe you're right and making it easier for just anyone to come in and say something about a brand wouldn't be good for absinthe. for me, if i'm looking to try a new rum, i go to a site like that and i want to see what run of the mill rum drinkers think. but there's a lot more of them posting (300 plus for diplomatico reserva). i feel like if i go there and something gets an 8, it's probably good (maybe i still won't like it personally)- and not because experts told me so. probably (almost surely) we're not quite to the point or even close where that would work with absinthe yet, if we ever will be. most people still seem to think the real absinthe is a hallucinogen. and again i want to stress i'm not trying to disparage this site. but i even had trouble getting the account set up so i could leave any reviews. it felt clunky, and imo doesn't look as nice and i even thought it was kind of a nuisance that i couldn't just use my forum user/pass to post reviews there. but none of that really matters now... basically i wish there were a site like rumratings.com for absinthe but absinthe would actually have to be popular for it to work out. but i would actually be perfectly happy just seeing the review section here go back up, also.
  7. yeah it's obviously a lot of work and i only started contributing to the reviews myself about a year ago so i'm guilty of sitting on the sidelines myself. it'd be great if we could have at least one nice website where people could float in (not just experts but even lots of less than expert imbibers) and leave their thoughts on this or that brand, similar to the plethora of such sites with rum/whiskey/gin/etc. but absinthe is far less popular. also not to be mean in any way, but the review section here is very outdated compared to a lot of those spirit review sites out there which are more attractive and easier to use. probably some of those sites have brands of absinthe up for review along with the whiskey/rum etc, i would imagine? but i doubt any are ever going to be as definitive of a resource as this place was. but eh, i guess i'm just rambling and this isn't going anywhere so i'll just end.
  8. i never posted here back in the heyday but i lurked from time to time and learned a little. the review section was especially helpful and because of that i never bought a fake absinthe. the reviews, the info section, and the forum were by far the best absinthe resource online. it'd be nice if the reviews could return but without participation i think it would eventually become obsolete. it's a shame. sites like this i think are necessary for us to get to a point where the misinfo about tripping out on absinthe finally mostly goes away. there's a lot of that crap still out there. but you did what you could or whatever, so thanks for that and thanks to you (everyone) i never had to taste any mouthwash.
  9. really, really, really regret not snagging a bottle of the Zmaj at some point when i still had the chance. the stuff just looked really interesting. but am looking forward to one day trying the recently announced verte and especially the (not limited like the zmaj) barrel aged verte.
  10. i still think it's shady to state that prices include VAT when the site thinks you're in europe, but then remove that statement when you tell it you're in the US, while still having the same price, and the explanation i got about it being that way to make up for the free shipping they offer over $250 just doesn't cut it with me. but the real reason i'm posting in this thread again is because i've found a store that actually lowers the price after you tell it you're in the US! https://www.absinthe.de/en/ and because of this, i think it seems like the best site online to buy and have absinthe shipped. on top of that i think over around $200 gets you free shipping. the prices on the bottles are in many cases, pretty damn low. for example, 700ml Jades for ~$64. they also gave me a free 500ml bottle of dupais balance which is pretty nice! doubtful i'll ever buy at absinthes.com again as long as absinthe.de is around. never suggested they were crooked in how they handle orders or anything like that, but paying a vat tax price when i'm not supposed to doesn't sit well with me. somehow absinthe.de manage to get by without doing that *and* still offer free shipping. i can get european absinthes from there, cheaper than i can get US brands shipped to me here in the US. crazy. but awesome. has to be the best deals on absinthe i've ever found, in 10yrs of buying it.
  11. i didn't say i regularly drink months old vermouth. i just said that i just drank the last bit i had left over from a couple of months ago. i had it so i used it. it wasn't so bad. and i honestly think you're overstating the rate at which vermouth spoils, and i'm seriously doubting your ability to detect such a big difference probably up to at least a month, as long as it's properly refrigerated. Noilly Prat apparently claim theirs can last up to 3 months. they actually make the stuff. obviously some kind of deterioration will begin before that point but at what point is it going to be really noticeable, or in your words *ruin* a martini? my dolin was in the fridge probably pushing 3 months and i used a fair amount of it, and the drink tasted fine. so maybe my tastebuds are broken? or just not refined enough? has to be one of those two, i guess.
  12. well, i don't notice much of a difference up to at least 2 weeks. maybe my palate just isn't as nuanced as yours.
  13. try dolin. i think the stuff lasts longer than some people claim. i've seen articles and semi-scientific blind tests where people couldn't really tell much difference even after a few weeks. not going to look them up again but they're out there, and match my own experience. especially when i'm using so little in a drink (i actually use more/a little closer to the recipes with dolin though, and it's still good)..
  14. just had a pretty nice double martini with bluecoat gin and the last of my (months old) dolin vermouth, which is the only vermouth i've had so far that doesn't actually ruin a martini by putting some in there.. btw glad to see the site back up!
  15. really nice looking bottle/label! looks like i could get it shipped to me in ohio from maison absinthes, and i would but i just recently placed an order probably covering my absinthe budget for a while. but i think this one will be in my next. really cool seeing more domestic brands pop up.
  16. yeah you know i was actually already thinking i should just look into something like that, and it just so happens i have 4 unopened bitters someone got me as a gift. good call. i was also thinking about experimenting with mixing a little fruit juice in with the water (grape, etc). i've never really got into doing cocktails with absinthe so maybe i'll use the blanches i have to finally experiment with some. i have made monkey glands, with some *ok* store bought grenadine. they were *ok*.
  17. wish i could edit the last post! completely forgot i have a bottle of La Grenouille, which should go somewhere above the Vieux Pontarlier, if not all the way to number 1. I save it for special occasions and haven't really thought about how it compares to the others when drinking it, so i'm not sure where i'd put it yet.
  18. good advice guys. not sure if i'm going to try it now, i think i waited much too long on the honeysuckle. it's all gone. might look around and see if i can find anything else that might be worth trying.
  19. 1- Meadow of Love 2- Walton Waters 3- Jade Terminus (only Jade I've had) 4- Redux 5- Vieux Pontarlier 6- Pacifique 7- Berthe de Joux 8- Marteau (grain base version, only one i've had unfortunately. it's still good though) 9- Leopold Bros 10- Ridge Blanche (haven't had ridge/vilya verte or it would probably edge this one out since I don't really care for blanches) i've probably only had around 5 other brands so that should be considered i guess. people might remember me griping about the marteau in the thread for it. crazily enough about halfway through the bottle, somehow or another it tastes really good now. the flavor that was off-putting about it for me is still there but not overpowering anymore, and actually harmonizes with everything else in a nice way. can't explain how that happened, but it is what it is.
  20. i've spent probably way too much time, googling and trying to find some place that still has this or that discontinued brand of absinthe (that i never got to try), still in stock. only thing i've turned up so far is a few places that still had some marteau (the grain alcohol base version). one place still has some.. if anyone's interested. today i was bored again, and found this: https://calladrink.co.za/product/doubs-absinthe-gold-500ml-65/ i know there were a couple or more different absinthes called doubs and only one was the good stuff. this looks like they're saying they have that, unless i'm mistaken. unfortunately i don't see an email or i'd ask for them to take an actual picture of one of the bottles and beg them to ship to the US if it looked legit. ...could it be? it'd have to be almost 10yrs old by now right? anyone else ever scour the cyberscape looking for that rare discontinued bottle? had any success? seems like there should be small caches of stuff that somehow just went overlooked...
  21. I've thought about this a bit lately and I thought it might make an interesting topic here. So I have a couple bottles of blanche which I got because both were well rated and I like trying new absinthes. I hadn't really loved any of the blanche I had in that past, but I thought maybe these would be different. Wrong. Don't get me wrong- they're nice, but for me even a good blanche just always seems to be missing all the types of flavors I actually love about absinthe. They always seem bland in comparison. I know that kind of thing is down to personal preference so I'm not going to mention the brands I have. Anyway my idea is simple. I was wondering if you could just throw some kind of local herb/plant in a partly consumed bottle, let it soak in there for a while (month?) or however long, and then strain the contents back out, and have something with a little more flavor. I was thinking about doing this with some wild honeysuckle that is pretty common around here. Is there any reason why I shouldn't do this? Or any tips on how *to* do it?
  22. Interesting. The label says peppermint leaves, hyssop, and 'other ingredients'. Where'd you see nettles? I don't really know anything about nettles for coloration, but it makes sense that they had to resort to something unusual to get that level of coloration. To me the flavor isn't nearly as complex/high quality as something like Walton Waters or a Jade, but it's pretty good for the price range it's found in. I'd personally place it slightly above Vieux Carre (which I like, but don't *love*) but that's down to preference (VC kind of focused on anise) I suppose. I think my personal favorite in that price range is probably still Vieux Pontarlier. Oh and I'll have a look at the tutorial, I just assumed a mod had to set up a new entry. Thanks.
  23. So I've had a bottle of this stuff for a few months now, and it's pretty good! Surprised there doesn't seem to be anything on this site about it. I'd like to leave a review over in the reviews section, could a mod or someone add an entry for it over there? Anyway, up front I have to say it has probably the coolest bottle of any absinthe I've personally owned. The label itself I think only has competition with the Jade I have. The shape of the bottle could be more subjective since it's pretty unusual, but again, it's very cool looking, very unique. The color is the next thing that I noticed, and it's really weird to try to describe it. In the bottle, it looks almost 'too green'. You know, like maybe there is artificial coloring. I've read reviews and posts at this site since I started drinking absinthe ~10yrs ago so I've managed to avoid any fake 'sinthe, so haven't had any with artificial coloring, but I've seen pictures. Compared to every verte I've had, this one definitely stands out. It's so green it's almost blue (but not, except after louche the blue becomes even more apparent). It does kind of resemble the pics of artificially colored brands I've seen. The weird thing is that in the glass it just looks like a super deep peridot, but again, it's almost *too* peridot. It's hard to explain how the color can seem 'correct' but at the same time somehow 'unnatural'. Maybe it's just because a lot of my absinthes are really a yellowish green, or at least nowhere near as deep as this. The label says they use some peppermint leaves, some other herb, and 'other ingredients' for coloring. They'd have to say if it was artificially colored right? There's a lot of sediment (which I don't mind), so I think maybe it's actually naturally colored. It's pretty intense for natural colored though, let's just say that. First few drinks from the bottle I kind of passed it off as just another average mid-tier absinthe without much complexity or depth to flavor, but after a few months and coming back a few times it seems to have improved (or maybe *I* just came around to *it*) and I think it's actually pretty impressive. Seems to me a bit focused on the wormwood, bitter side of things but in a very nice way. It's actually got me really appreciating bitterness as a *flavor* which I never did before (never really thought of it that way). And this isn't to say that it's too bitter. It's really well balanced. Guess this stuff's made in Detroit. Anyway, just thought I'd start a thread and see if anyone else has tried it!
  24. does it have faeries in it? also known as people of the fae? green ones? (am i the only one who despises seeing 'green fairy' in absinthe talk?)
  25. ok so i got this reply: "Hello there, Thanks for getting in touch. Because we advertise the same prices to customers worldwide, our system automatically adjusts the price and VAT calculation on the checkout so the final price paid is constant. This means a customer in Hong Kong, in the USA, or in Australia pays the same price for a product as a customer in Italy, Germany or in France. What we offer as compensation though, is that delivery is free for orders over 250 US Dollars. This costs our company a lot of money to offer. The prices on our website are always the same in Euro and they are converted to USD according to the current exchange rate." the first part about something being automatically adjusted in the checkout, to me doesn't make any sense, because nothing gets adjusted in any way. the included VAT is still part of the prices, nothing gets deducted, no adjustment. the rest seems to basically be saying 'yes you're still paying VAT even from outside of Euro, but we make up for it with free shipping'. and i can understand the idea of there being a tradeoff or whatever but does it really seem right to do it that way? is it just me or is this kind of bizarre? also have to wonder if this somehow explains why the 6 bottles, dripper, and glass i bought just a few months ago show prices up to $10 lower compared to their product page prices now. like maybe this is some kind of recent change to how they're 'handling' VAT. to me this definitely seems somehow shady. i would rather pay the lower price on each bottle, and face having to maybe pay shipping, than pay a tax i'm not supposed pay and get free shipping.