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  1. I would like to respond to some of the comments aired on the matter of Babička Original Wormwood Vodka. We are made in the oldest distillery in Czech republic which has been making absinthe since the 1500's. We approached this distillery to make this product for us and the three year long R and D process started as we were receiving many different , often undrinkable samples until we eventually were happy with the product we have today. We are a premium quality Wormwood Vodka, carefully made by the Master Distiller of the Green Tree distillery . We use part of the same ingredients and method used to make Absinthe. There are no artificial ingredients used. The corn vodka is triple distilled and separately the macerated herbs are made into a distillate (Wormwood , Fennel, Anise) and then combined with the vodka and then distilled again . Then we leave it in large tanks for up to six months which helps give the 40% abv vodka a smooth and delicate finish. We have entered this vodka into blind tasting competitions and have won multiple medals for its taste in both super premium vodka and flavoured vodka categories. We hope Wormwood lovers will embrace this VODKA and we hope the Wormwood society will judge this on its merit. We do not further the myths of thujone or market it in a way which alludes to any properties thujone does not have. Some websites we have sold to in the past have written some incorrect things which are beyond our control. We have no wish to market our product in any way other than just being a wonderfully unique vodka with the fantastic flavours of Wormwood and Fennel and Anise. We are now available in the USA after a long TTB approval process. We hope the Wormwood society will view this as a positive addition to the range of Wormwood products and will help raise awareness of the fantastic flavours of Wormwood and know that we are immensely proud of this product and it is indeed being enjoyed in many of the finest cocktail bars around the world.