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  1. Moved. Back in Southern California - specifically, Santa Ana. Not sure what local places have/serve Absinthe, but I've got my private stash. On a side note-- up in Monterey County, on the Big Sur Coast-- Nepenthe is a rather interesting, fairly-well-known to locals restaurant-- and last time I was there (shortly before leaving Monterey a few months ago), I checked their booze list: they have Absinthe! Three varieties even! Emperor Norton -- I haven't tried that, doesn't seem to be too well-regarded; St George -- NOT one of my favorites, but at least it's the real deal; and La Sorciere Verte -- which I have enjoyed, and currently still keep a bottle of that in my Absinthe cabinet.
  2. Late to this topic, but-- I almost always take my absinthe with sugar. Tastes much better that way to me. I also drink hard cider and flavored liqueurs (usually as flavor shots added to soda). I don't drink wine and I usually don't drink beer (don't like the taste, stopped forcing myself to try it socially when I rediscovered hard cider). I haven't drunk most hard liquor varieties in years (mixed or straight)-- closest I come to that is still drinking Southern Comfort (usually mixed).
  3. Sorry I'm late-- welcome to the WS. And hey, SF? Not too far from where I'm at in Monterey-- nice to see some more folks in California on here.
  4. Welcome-- sorry I'm late joining the party. I might be the odd one out around here, but I quite like Lucid. It was my first (real) absinthe, and it's still my basic standard-- IMO quite drinkable for ordinary absinthe-sipping occasions, and any other absinthe I drink needs to be at least as good as if not better than Lucid (yes, there are plenty of drinks out there that are better-- but Lucid's still good stuff). So-- my recommendation: if you can get your hands on Lucid, go ahead and get it-- it's a good one to start with.
  5. Hadn't met you before, but welcome back!
  6. Jade Nouvelle Orleans. Nicely louched with ice water and two sugar cubes. Tasty and relaxing...
  7. What Gwydion said. I personally like Lucid quite a bit, regardless of its limitations. Ummm... with respect to the above poster, I think St George must be an acquired taste-- I hated it when I tried it, haven't seen any reason to revise my opinion of it.
  8. Observation from a sort'a newbie: Absinthe is sufficiently alive in the market in my current area (Monterey, California) and the area I just moved from (Orange County, California) that some of the major/expected brands aren't too hard to find. In Orange County, Total Wine and in both areas, BevMo, carry Lucid, Kübler and La Clandestine... Mansinthe, La Sorciere Verte, and Leopold Bros were on some of the shelves-- tryin' ta remember if one or more of the other decent brands was on the shelves down in Orange County (there were some of the decidedly lesser brands also out on shelves too). In Monterey, the better liquor stores also carry a few bottles of Absinthe in their selection-- in addition to the predictable ones (Lucid, Kübler, La Clandestine and some cheap'n'nasty brands I shall not list by name here), I've seen Mansinthe, Leopold Bros, both varieties of La Sorciere, Butterfly, Vieux Carre, at least one of the Ridge distillery bottles, and two varieties of Jade. So, it may be a niche market compared to other products, but it's doing well enough to be stocked and sold around here instead of being run out of town and ignored. It's also worth noting-- I picked up my first bottle of Leopold Bros and my second bottle of Lucid back in 2013 from a local liquor store that carried them in Kansas (specifically, in Junction City), back when I was stuck there for a job from 2012-2014. If it's made it to Kansas, it's got better market penetration than folks might be giving it credit for.
  9. Ah, Lucid-- still one of my favorites. I take them all with sugar, and it works out for me.
  10. thank you Lily for bringing it up, and thank you Gwydion for posting the link-- manuals retrieved. I'm finding them educational already.
  11. Drinking Mansinthe tonight. And, completing the 9th review (last so far)-- covering all 9 of the real absinthes I've had the privilege of drinking. Pretty good way to round out the set.
  12. Found this thread-- got around to watching it. Very informative for a novice like me. TY for posting & glad the link is still functional.
  13. Decided how I'm going to handle the blanche dilemma(s)-- will post those reviews tonight. Sipping on La Sorciere Verte tonight-- decent, but in comparison I prefer the Sorciere Bleue-- helps me realize though that La Sorciere Bleue is probably my favorite from among the three blanches I've tried. Will post a review of that also.
  14. Got around to sipping on a glass of Jade Nouvelle Orleans tonight. Review posted. If Jade N.O. weren't real, it would be the absinthe of my dreams....
  15. Greytail-- Y'know, there's a lot worse I could have been compared to... (Amy's posts are pretty entertaining-- I'll take the comparison as a compliment)
  16. A little bit of La Clandestine, La Sorciere Bleue, and Kübler. Trying the taste test on all three of my blanches-- results? So far.... Kind of interesting: it's very hard to tell them apart on basic appearance and color. I begin to understand why certain reviewers don't like giving '5's to blanches, when I give them all Mr Stone's "white paper" test, and they're all still spotlessly, completely clear.... The louche is very hard to tell apart-- and yet, Kübler has the best louche, the one that's most translucent instead of too opaque... Flavor, mouthfeel, finish-- I'm still figuring that out. BTW-- looks like I got a good bottle of Kübler... More to follow. And now the follow-on.... I'm not posting reviews tonight on the main site for these three absinthes. I think I need more experience before I review blanches, because I'm having trouble telling these three apart. I will post comments here though-- As a "group review": Appearance: 4 all around? All three of these are "correct, clear, bright, attractive". I know what the trends and opinions say-- but being completely honest, I can't tell Kübler, La Sorciere Bleue, and La Clandestine apart in the glass based on appearance. I'm not sure if they're flawless or as good as it gets, or if there are better blanches out there-- now I really understand why some reviewers are uncomfortable giving "5"s to blanches.... Louche: Kübler, 3.5. La Clandestine & La Sorciere Bleue 3? Kübler actually has the best louche of the three... it's the only one that touches on translucent, but it's still pretty opaque. La Clandestine & La Sorciere seem acceptable, but they're chalk-white and very opaque when louched. Aroma: Probably the hardest area for me... my sense of taste seems to work well enough for me, but my sense of smell has never been terribly reliable for fine details. 4 all around? Seems correct, pleasant, decent-- again, I've got a better grip on the Vertes I've got than I do on the blanches. Maybe it's 3-- because I can smell subtle details in some vertes, but these three just smell pleasant and moderately interesting. Flavor/Mouthfeel: 4 all around (maybe)-- IMO, they're all "correct, interesting, pleasant, enjoyable". If I had to order them on taste-- I think La Sorciere Bleue is the best-- followed by La Clandestine-- followed by Kübler. But they're all very close, and I'm enjoying all of them. Kind of hard to pick out one as a true stand-out, or one as a true fall-behind. Finish: 3.5 all around? Again, Blanches don't seem to have that much variation between them, so long as they're made right. They all linger pleasantly, but if I can't really tell them apart (and I can't), how can they have distinguishing characteristics? And the finish does NOT last, the way some of the vertes I've already tried do. I find it pleasant enough I'm inclined to bump it to 3.5 rather than leave it at 4.... Overall: With the above remarks in place-- I have no clue where I should be rating them overall. How can I justifiably call one above-average, when they're all so similar in taste and feel to me? What I do know is, these three Absinthes (Kübler, La Sorciere Bleue, and La Clandestine) are all at least deserving of the 3 rating (entirely acceptable) and maybe deserving of a 4. Are any of them worthy of a 4.5 or 5? I tend to doubt it-- seems to me that the Blanches are too simple a taste compared to the complexity of, say, Jade N. O. What I have realized while setting these head-to-head tonight is that I do like blanches and I'm going to keep one or more decent ones in stock in my liquor cabinet (all three of these qualify)-- but I do not find them as complex or interesting as the better vertes. Along with Lucid, they're going to be my absinthes of choice when I just want a simple, tasty, non-challenging, enjoyable glass.... but I'll reach for a verte when I want something truly complex and interesting, that I really have to think about and consider with each sip to fully enjoy all the qualities of the drink. (Now, if someone can help me straighten out this mess and resolve it into a set of three decent reviews, I'll get around to posting something for each of these brands in the reviews section on the main site)
  17. Temperature and chemistry-- and give a little time for the louche to develop, regardless of how you add the water-- also makes sense to me. Maybe it's psychology and playing head games with yourself, but subjectively the slow-drip ritual, taking a little time with the preparation, still adds to the experience/enjoyment for me in a way that just immediately adding a measured portion of sugar water, stirring and ensuring that it's fully mixed and the louche is complete, wouldn't do even though the final drink in the glass is, objectively, the same.
  18. Belewfripp-- I'm still thinking about it, and although I've posted the review already, I'm tempted to go back and give Lucid a "4" for flavor/mouthfeel... I do like Lucid a lot; I'm just still torn by considerations of how well it stacks up to the higher end absinthes I've tried and whether it's sufficiently distinguished to merit the higher rating with those comparisons in mind. For now, I've put the 3.5 on it for that category but given the chance I'll revisit that review in a month or two and see if I should upgrade that particular section. Absomphe-- I've tried Jade Nouvelle Orleans, and it's the reason I felt I had to give Lucid a 3.5 on flavor... it's about where it measured up against the full-on Jade, if you call the Jade a "5" Sometimes I still just want a "Jade Light" after a long day though, y'know? I will get around to posting a review of the Jade that I have, next time I break it out. Pacifique is on my list of absinthes to acquire and taste some day, and so are the Delaware Phoenix products--- so I'll let ya know how I feel about those down the road, when my budget permits me to make the purchases and do some more tastings. Zman-- thank you. As indicated in the paragraph above, one of these days I'm going to try your fine product-- I'm hoping it lives up to the high reputation it has when I do. Oh, and my St George review is also posted: overall rating, 2.3.
  19. Seeing how there a lot of comments here'n'there around the site that more people reviewing absinthes they've tried (even ones that have already been reviewed many times), I've requested a review log-in tonight. We'll see when I get to post my first review. Broke out my bottle of Lucid for a night-cap and a tasting session with the WS Absinthe Score sheet, so that will be ready to post tomorrow evening (or whenever after that I get access)-- little preview of my ratings on revisiting the bottle (well-aged by now, btw): Appearance: 3 (natural, correct, clear, acceptable-- but IMO too pale for the 4 or 5 ratings). Louche: 4 (I'm tempted to give Lucid a 5 here-- it's a great Louche-- except that I've seen Jade N.O. and La Clandestine louche... and I have to acknowledge it gets better than Lucid....) Aroma: 3.5 (I think it's acceptable, correct, good proper absinthe-- it's just a little undistinguished compared to the great ones, but there's nothing wrong with it) Flavor/Mouthfeel: 3.5 (It's correct & proper-- I still like Lucid, even after trying several other varieties of Absinthe-- if it's got a flaw, it's that there's still a little more "burn" instead of "smooth" than I'd expect from a top-notch absinthe, and compared to Jade & La Clandestine-- two of the others I've tried-- it comes off as undistinguished. Only by comparison though. Still totally acceptable & nothing wrong with it. Finish: 3 (the standard descriptor, "Lingers pleasantly, no outstanding characteristics." says it all-- nothing wrong, just not truly "outstanding"). Overall: 3 (again, it fits the rating perfectly-- IMO, entirely acceptable and it's the very epitome of the proper mid-market standard). Final score: 3.35. For those interested: I'm actually not quite sure of the exact water-to-absinthe ratio I use as a fractional measurement-- but I use the same glasses, I fill the reservoir with absinthe to the same line, I fill it to 1/2" from the brim with ice water every time I prepare absinthe, using a broullier or dripping over a spoon, with a sugar cube-- so I am consistent in my methods and amounts each time. And yes, I'm one of those who always takes absinthe with sugar by preference. As I've indicated previously-- I like Lucid, I'm going to keep drinking it occasionally, and when I finish this bottle, I'm going to buy another one. It's my standard, go-to, ordinary occasion Absinthe. It's my "I just want to enjoy sipping on a simple glass of absinthe at the end of a long day..." choice. I'm well aware there are absinthes that are made better, are more complex, perhaps ultimately tastier-- and I plan to indulge in them when I can, whenever I want something good & complex; and definitely for special occasions. The existence of higher end absinthe doesn't change my decision that Lucid has a place in my liquor cabinet and at my table. However, since Lucid is readily available, it's also still my "baseline"-- I find Lucid fully acceptable, but any Absinthe that doesn't compare favorably with Lucid is unacceptable to me-- it is the basic standard that others must equal or exceed. Because I am NOT wasting money on another bottle of the stuff-- the next review I'll post will probably be St George, but I'm gonna have to do it from memory. And IMO, it didn't reach the "Lucid standard"....
  20. I read this thread after I had my own experience.... yes, if/when I get another bottle of Jade (more likely when than if, but it'll be a while before the spare cash is available again for a new bottle of absinthe)-- I'll buy the twin-prong remover and use it when I uncork the bottle...
  21. Well... so long as this thread has already been resurrected recently by others, I'll add my bit-- got my hands on the bottle of Jade Nouvelle Orleans that I'd been talking about in my intro post... it's the best absinthe I've had so far-- great booze. But, I too had trouble with the disintegrating cork... pretty well destroyed it, trying to get all the pieces out of the bottle. However, it seems that I was lucky-- although the cork came apart and I wound up digging it out, layer by layer, I got the bottom layer out as more or less a disc and managed to keep all the bits and pieces of shredded cork out of the absinthe. Now-- yeah, I'm using one of those plastic/rubber "universal stoppers" made by Rabbit for wine bottles. At least they were in stock at the PX.